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Well, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard aren’t the only ones leveling shocking allegations at each other on the stand this week.

Three thousand miles from the Virginia courtroom where that drama is unfolding, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are also making criminal accusations in a civil trial.

And as with the Johnny and Amber situation, this notoriously awful relationship is being exposed as even worse than the public previously thought.

Chyna is suing the Kardashian family for defamation, and Rob took the stand on Wednesday to offer an insider’s view of their tempestuous relationship.

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She’s asking for $100 million, alleging that the Kards sabotaged her reality show with Rob and took other actions that hurt her career.

But during yesterday’s testimony, Rob did further damage to Chyna’s reputation, alleging that his ex beat him with a metal rod and held a gun to his head on multiple occasions.

"It wasn’t real love. I had a baby with this girl," Rob told the court.

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"I had a gun held to my head several times by this woman. That’s not love," he added.

Chyna says she was just joking when she pointed a gun at Rob, and when asked to describe the incidents, Rob conceded that at first, he thought she was merely messing around.

“She ripped my shirt early in the evening and we were throwing money around in our Snapchat,” he said.

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“In the beginning I thought it was playful. I didn’t think it got serious until the second gun encounter … you don’t point a gun on your fiancé’s head whether you think it’s loaded or not.”

From there, Rob described an incident in which Chyna allegedly struck him several times with a metal rod.

“She landed several blows on my body (with the metal rod) … but not everyone is going to bruise just because someone hit you," he explained.

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"It didn’t leave a mark when I had a gun to my temple. The cord around my neck, I’m sure that left a mark, but no, I didn’t need a band aid.

“Everything I testified to happened,” Rob continued.

“She was on a cocaine and alcohol. She has a history of doing this. Just because I didn’t have marks doesn’t mean it’s not true. Stop putting that out there! It’s not fair.”

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According to TMZ, Rob lashed out when Chyna’s lawyer questioned the veracity of his claims.

"Stop trying to make it sound like it didn’t happen … There were no marks on my face or neck. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen," he angrily told the opposing counsel.

Rob went on to state that much of what he did during his time with Chyna was for the benefit of her career, including going out and about in LA so that the two of them could be photographed together.

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"I don’t like to leave the house, it upsets me. I’m insecure about my body. I’ve gained some weight. I don’t like going out," he said.

Asked why he stayed with Chyna for so long when he seemed to gain nothing from their relationship, Rob explained that she came to him at a time when his self-esteem was at its lowest.

“I was probably at the worst place in my life … She was the one person who brought me in,” he said.

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“I was just comfortable with her… and I was at my loneliest point. I ignored all the bad things. I have a very loving family but I just gave myself to her.”

Chyna previously discussed the gun incident during her own testimony, telling the court that the gesture was intended as a joke.

“It was not loaded,” she testified.

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“I would never shoot Rob or anyone at that. It was just joking, like, ‘HA, HA!’”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.