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Last week, Anny Francisco and Robert Springs revealed the loss of their 7-month-old son.

Baby Adriel passed away, apparently after a health condition that required surgery.

Though Anny and Robert have not shared many details about losing their son, they have shared their honest grief with the world.

Anny’s newest post expresses the depths of her sorrow as she mourns her baby.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories, Anny Francisco shared a throwback photo of herself kissing baby Adriel Hassan Springs.

Holding him in her arms outside, she captioned the photo in Spanish.

Translated, her words mean: "Half of my heart went with you."

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She and Robert are going through what is, to most people, unimaginable grief.

To those unlucky few who know what it’s like to mourn a life that you created after it had scarcely begun, the feelings that she is expressing are familiar.

For seven months, Anny and Robert loved and nurtured baby Adriel. Now, they have to cope with his loss.

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When Anny first revealed that her son had died, she vaguely suggested that his heart may have been related.

Some fans took this to mean a poetic reference. Others wondered if it was a literal heart condition.

Later, Anny shared some of Adriel’s final photos, and the details shed further light upon this tragedy.

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Adriel’s final pictures before he passed included photos from just before his surgery.

Very few seven-month-olds undergo surgery of any kind.

In fact, with some rare (usually cultural) exceptions, surgery is only performed upon babies when absolutely necessary to save their life or preserve their long-term health.

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Some fans are concluding that Adriel had a congenital heart condition of some kind.

There are hereditary heart defects, there are mutations, and sometimes an organ is simply malformed without a clear explanation.

While it’s true that there are heart defects that can repair themselves over time, others require life-saving action.

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Any surgery comes with risks, and every parent whose child is fighting for their life against an illness knows this.

We can only imagine the kind of agonizing that Anny and Robert did before bringing in Adriel for surgery.

Similarly, hindsight can be torment, so we hope against all odds that they are not second-guessing having made the best choices that they could for their son.

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Sometimes, there are no-win scenarios where surgery brings risks but avoiding medical intervention brings certain tragedy.

There’s no easy choice, there.

Fans are sure that Anny and Robert did everything that they could. That’s all that anyone could ask.

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Anny and Robert are also parents to 20-month-old Brenda.

That is a complicated age — some children are old enough to understand death and loss, but many are not.

Robert’s other children, including fan-favorite son Bryson, are all old enough to understand the gravity of this. They lost their baby sister.

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We are sure that Robert and Anny have said so little on social media because they are still processing all of this.

They are also likely focused upon healing themselves and their loved ones as they all go through this together, albeit in their own ways.

There is no easy answer to grief. Recovering from loss isn’t easy. Our hearts continue to go out to them and their entire family.