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No celebrity enjoys being the target of unflattering rumors, but Khloe Kardashian really hates false stories.

At times, it seems like she actively seeks out blogs and comments critiquing her so that she can clap back.

It doesn’t sound healthy, but how she spends her time is her business.

The latest incident involves allegations that fans could "see" her butt implants … and Khloe replying that she doesn’t have any.

Khloe Kardashian workout

On Friday, April 1, Khloe Kardashian shut down random comments under a random blog post about her workout.

One commenter under the fan account accused her of having visible "implants" in her bitt.

"Omg u can see her implants when stretching," the commenter alleged. "A 2nd layer of her bum on top of her bum."

It’s unclear how Khloe saw this, again, random comment, or why she chose to respond, but she did both.

"lol silly goose," she captioned. "It’s the seam design of the leggings."

Khloe continued: "That’s so funny ha! You guys just want to believe anything bad." 

Butt implants are a real thing that can exist.

Some of them are silicone implants, akin to implants associated with breasts and other parts of the body.

Other butt implants use fat harvested from elsewhere in the body, though these more "natural" implants have a lengthy recovery time.

One assumes that only extremely low-quality and poorly installed implants would show through a person’s skin, let alone through clothing.

Is that what we’re seeing here?

There is something about the pants, and it’s not just the seam, but we don’t think that it’s Khloe’s butt that is to blame.

Computer, enhance.

While we don’t agree with what some commenters claimed (yes, multiple commenters made the same claim), you can see why people were puzzled.

That does look very much like Khloe’s butt is not the sole occupant of those pants. So what’s going on?

Photo via Instagram

If we had to hazard a guess, we would say that — based purely upon appearance — these pants have some sort of built-in padding.

Sometimes, clothing is padded for warmth or for comfort or even for modesty.

More rarely, clothing is selectively padded to accentuate existing curves. Simple inserts of padding or gel can make a butt look just a little rounder.

Photo via Instagram

Why would Khloe feel the need to do this?

First of all, we don’t know that she did — perhaps all of the screenshots in this post are just one elaborate optical illusion.

But gee, it sure looks like there are inserts … the kind that you might use if you are insecure about your body and feel like you need a "boost."

Khloe Kardashian Shares Weird Distorted Photo

Khloe has something of a reputation for editing her face and body using various digital tools.

She has also received a lot of flack for using makeup to dramatically darken her natural skin tone.

While part of the motivation comes from a history of being body-shamed by cruel trolls, body image issues are complicated.

Photo via YouTube

When your older sister is "breaking the internet" with a booty so intense that it looks outside of the realm of human possibility, how are you supposed to feel?

One wonders if Khloe having so many models in her family, some with hourglass figures and others with traditional model builds, has helped her to feel inadequate.

Unfortunately, some possibly-padded workout leggings are not the extent of it when it comes to Khloe seeming insecure about her looks.

Khloe Kardashian Distorts Her Face
Photo via Twitter

Khloe does not like it when fans talk about how she edits her face.

Even her most compassionate and concerned fans sound, in her mind, like her harshest critics.

Maybe her workout booty was a weird outfit or an unlikely trick of the light … but fans hope that Khloe loves her body as much as they do.