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Amber Portwood, it seems, simply can’t have nice things.

Or, to be more specific, Amber Portwood can’t have nice and/or normal relationships at the same time with her son and daughter.

Last month, the often-troubled Teen Mom OG star told our friends at The Ashley’s Reality TV Roundup that things are pretty great these days between herself and her daughter, Leah.

As for things between Amber and her young son, however?

Amber, Andrew Glennon
Photo via Instagram

According to documents obtained by The Sun, Andrew Glennon (Amber’s ex and the father of their three-year old, James) told a judge that he plans to relocate in the near future.

Amid a legal battle over custody of their toddler, Glennon is seeking permission to move with James to California, meaning the child would reside well over 1,000 miles away from his mom.

At the moment, Andrew lives in a house Amber actually owns in Indiana… while Portwood lives in a rental nearby.

Glennon has had primary custody of James ever since Portwood got arrested for domestic violence in July of 2019.

Amber, James, and Andrew

The arrest stemmed from an altercation with Glennon during which the Teen Mom OG star allegedly got mad at her then-lover for the family missing a fireworks show.

As part of this argument, Amber reportedly threw a shoe at Glennon.

She’s also accused of using a machete to try and break down the bathroom door behind which Andrew was hiding — with James in his arms.

Portwood eventually agreed to a plea deal and avoided jail time, but she’s only been granted sporadic visitation rights with her son over the past couple years s a result of this incident.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback
Photo via Instagram

As Andrew and Amber have gone back and forth in court over custody, the former has often accused the latter of using drugs and setting a very poor example for their kid.

In this latest filing, though, Glennon told a judge that he doesn’t want to take James away from Amber permanently.

When he was asked about the proposed parenting time schedule for Amber, her ex said he would allow her visitation, stating for the record:

" Three every month, three times a month for 10 hours at a time."

Amber and Andrew
Photo via Instagram

Glennon also is asking for no overnights between mother and son, and that Amber’s parenting time be exercised in California only.

Moreover, Andrew says he wants to move to California because he can’t find work in Indiana… but has three job offers in The Golden State.

"What steps have you taken to obtain employment here in Indiana, after the end of your employment with Viacom in 2020?," Portwood’s attorney asked of the former Teen Mom cast member last week.

"I got picked up by a film group in Canada to do a small courtroom shoot that was for about $250 bucks," replied Andrew.

Andrew Glennon with Amber

Portwood’s lawyer pressed Glennon on whether or not he’s even tried to find work in Indiana, prompting the following reply:

"I’m a full-time father so I’m doing what I can while spending as much time with my son.

"There’s no industry out here."

A judge has not yet ruled on Glennon’s request; nor has Amber commented on the unfortunate situation.