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Kailyn Lowry has a lot going on in her life these days.

In addition to finishing construction on her new house, Kail is currently wrapped up in an increasingly messy lawsuit, having filed a defamation suit against Briana DeJesus that’s resulted in some very ugly legal wrangling.

And of course, Kail is still raising four sons, starring on Teen Mom 2, hosting two podcasts, and presiding over several business ventures.

The reason we mention Lowry’s busy schedule is to emphasize how incredible it is that she’s somehow found the time to launch a new relationship.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022

Yes, we learned this week that Kail is dating a man named Malik Montgomery.

Not only that, but it appears that Lowry and Montgomery have been an item for quite some time.

Like so much of Kail’s life these days, the relationship was made public as a result of her court battle against Briana.

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Lowry is suing DeJesus for claiming that she refused to film an episode because she didn’t want to discuss recent allegations that she had assaulted Chris Lopez.

Briana reiterated that allegation in a recent deposition, but now, Kail has countered with a claim that her reason for sitting the episode out had nothing to do with Chris and everything to do with Malik.

Kail insists that she wanted to keep her relationship under wraps, and would not have been able to if she had filmed at that time.

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“I refused to film about a person I was dating. His name is Malik Montgomery," Lowry said in the deposition, continuing as follows:

“I have had several relationships on the show fail and, also, just trolls becoming involved in my relationship had led me to not want to have any type of public relationship.”

Did she fear that she would be interrogated by producers on camera?

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Was Malik living with Kail at the time?

It’s unclear why Lowry believes that she wouldn’t have been able to keep her relationship a secret, but she insists that the Malik romance was her real reason for bowing out of filming that week.

Longtime Teen Mom 2 fans will appreciate the irony, of course, as Lowry infamously went public with the news that Lopez got another woman pregnant even though neither he nor the other woman had yet made an announcement.

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Clearly, she’s more protective of her own privacy than other people’s.

Anyway, very little is known about Kail’s relationship with Malik, but the topic came up indirectly during Lowry’s latest Q&A session with fans.

“Would you ever want to get married again?” one person asked.

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“I always say it depends on the day y’all ask," Lowry replied.

“And today I would say, it would be considered in the right circumstances.”

Naturally, this remark led to speculation that Kail and Malik have discussed the prospect of marriage.

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Some even went so far as to speculate the couple is secretly engaged.

That seems a bit far-fetched.

Actually, it’s possible that Kail and Malik’s relationship has already come to an end.

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According to UK tabloid The Sun, Kail has a long history of commenting on Malik’s Instagram posts.

It looks like their relationship dates back several years.

“So exciting!! Congratulations," Kail wrote on Malik’s Instagram page after he bought a new car last month.

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But after that, the communication between the two came to an abrupt halt.

Perhaps Lowry and Montgomery decided to go private in preparation for her upcoming trial.

Or maybe Kail was right and the unwanted attention from Teen Mom fans was enough to destroy her relationship.

Whatever the case, she’s probably very much wishing that the situation had remained private.