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On Monday, April 11, Britney Spears announced her pregnancy, setting off a firestorm … of congratulations and joy.

This welcome news has been a long time coming for her and for Sam Asghari, as it was impossible during the conservatorship.

Now, Britney has been preparing for her baby bump to grow. This is not her first pregnancy, after all.

She’s also sharing some NSFW details about life — namely, that she’s having amazing sex right now.

Britney Spears’ fundamental human rights were stripped from her for years.

Now, she is a free woman, able to get her IUD removed — and she and Sam wasted no time in conceiving.

Taking to Instagram, the same platform where she so casually dropped the pregnancy news in the first place, Britney is not holding back.

“Sex is great when you’re pregnant,” Britney Spears began a lengthy post, one that she had written up and then shared as a series of screenshots.

On the Wednesday, April 13 update, she boasted that she has been finding happiness in "the little things" since the conservatorship ended.

After having spent most of her adult life without control over her life, healthcare, or finances, this has been a welcome change in countless ways.

“It’s time for me to indulge into thinking … books … makeup … classic movies … great conversations …" Britney listed.

"And," she continued, "the best sex ever!!!”

Is she talking about the sex to conceive or the sex while pregnant? It sounds like it’s both.

In a moment of talent recognizing talent, Britney gave a shoutout to Ariana Grande.

She thanked her for an "amazing" beauty product care package that she sent to her.

Ariana replied: "Queen!!!! You deserve every single ounce of love and joy that this life has to offer."

On a considerably less joyful note, Britney recalled how the news media had "destroyed" her, particularly when she first became a mother.

Sean Preston and Jayden James are now 16 and 15 respectively, but when these Federline boys were little, news coverage used them against Britney.

Everything that Britney did, even the success of her career, was that much more "juicy" if it could be used by tabloids to frame her as a bad mom.

“My first record came out when I was 16," Britney recalled, "and I got pregnant at 24."

She wrote: “I thought about it last night … I was a baby raising 2 babies with 17 cars outside my house !!!"

Regarding the complex world of fame, Britney admitted: "I didn’t know how to play the game."

Britney Spears in April 2022

"I didn’t even know how to dress or fix my hair !!!" Britney lamented.

"I was clueless and I wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree either !!!” she joked.

“The media has always been EXTREMELY rude to me …" Britney acknowledged.

"So I woke up this morning saying to myself ‘do I need to do a podcast during this pregnancy instead of just therapy ???’" Britney asked.

"And," she continued, "I mean it !!!”

In the past, Britney has acknowledged that therapy isn’t for her, but perhaps choosing her own therapist could make a world of difference.

Britney also joked that she does not intend to be "an angry pregnant person eating donuts" every morning.

Hey, everyone has their own way of coping with stress.

“Then I thought about it … It’s going to be ok !!!” Britney affirmed. “Just be me and stop trying so hard !!!”