Angelina Pivarnick Claps Back at Bullies: I'll Photoshop My Pics If I Want to, Jerkoffs!

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Angelina Pivarnick has long been one of the most outspoken stars of Jersey Shore.

In fact, with Ronnie on hiatus, she's just about the only cast member who still delivers the bonkers drama that the show was known for in its early days.

That's not a slight against the rest of the cast, mind you.

All of these people have millions in the bank, and most of them have kids and significant others.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

It would be a little weird if they were still out needlessly stirring up conflict on a nightly basis.

Fortunately, we still have Angelina for that.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 6 is currently filming, and as usual, it looks like Angelina will be at the center of all the drama.

Angelina Pivarnick Has Had Work Done

Pivarnick is in the midst of an ugly divorce from Chris Larangeira, which is likely to figure prominently in the new season.

You might think that with all of that messiness, Angelina would want the rest of her life to be as drama-free as possible -- but apparently, that's not the case!

Earlier this week, Pivarnick took to Instagram to clap back at fans who left unflattering comments on her pics -- and as usual, she did not mince words.

Angelina on IG

“For anyone that says all I do is filter my pics, this one’s for you jerkoff,” she wrote, alongside a recent photo of herself.

“I do it because I want to, not because I have to. Keep hating.”

Angelina added middle finger and crying/laughing emojis, in case anyone mistook her tone.

Angelina Pivarnick: I Look Like Kim K!

One advantage of being as unfiltered (no pun intended) as Pivarnick is that we have no reason to doubt what she says.

For example, when Angelina celebrated her divorce with a nose job, she openly discussed the procedure on Instagram (below), even giving a shout-out to the doctor who performed the work.

Earlier this week, she informed fans that she was about to undergo another procedure, albeit a much less invasive one.

Angelina's Nose Job

“At my fave doctor’s office for some filler and Botox,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

So yeah, when Angelina says her newest pic is unfiltered, we have no reason to doubt her.

And we have full confidence that she'll continue to single-handedly make Shore worth watching.

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick on MTV

As for what else we can expect from the sixth season of JSFV ... well, that's anybody's guess.

About half of the cast was spotted filming in San Diego over Easter weekend.

Snooki, Pauly D, and Ronnie Magro were noticeably absent when the rest of the guido gang convened for dinner.

Snooki Reacts

Of course, Snooki "retired" from the show back in 2019, and ever since her return, she's mostly been a part-time participant.

So there's nothing all that surprising about her absence.

And the same can be said of Pauly D, whose busy schedule as a touring DJ often prevents him from filming.

Pauly D Celebrate

The third absence has prompted rumors that Ronnie has been fired as a result of his repeated domestic violence arrests.

It's too soon to say if that's true, but since Angelina is Ron's closest friend on the cast, you can be sure that she'll be at the center of that drama, too!

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