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Just a few weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller marked a painful milestone: four years after she last walked under her own power.

The Dance Moms alum had to undergo multiple surgeries for Burkitt lymphoma, and makes use of a motorized wheelchair.

Before her health battle began, she served eight and a half months in prison.

Now, Miller is calling out the families of Dance Mom stars, putting them on blast for never visiting her when she was behind bars.

Abby Lee Miller Lectures on Dance Moms Season 8 Trailer
Photo via Lifetime

As far as Abby Lee Miller is concerned, she made people into stars — people who are now ungrateful.

"Shame on you," she expressed while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

"Shame on you after what I did for you, for your children," Miller continued, "helped make you a lot of money."

Abby Lee Miller Stabs a Heart

"You couldn’t come to visit me for eight and a half months?" Miller asked.

"You couldn’t send a card, a letter?" she demanded.

Miller added: "I was getting mail from children in other countries and somehow, twelve-and thirteen-year-old little girls were finding the address."

Photo via ABC

"They were getting their cards and letters to me," Miller said of these international tweens.

"And people here, that I taught their children before the television show," she said.

Miller described: "They were very happy customers before Dance Moms."

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"And then during it, they were stars, they were making money, they were on top of the world," Miller continued.

"And," she lamented, "you’re just going to dump me?"

Miller then claimed that "It’s not hurtful anymore, because you realize real quick who your friends are."

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It looks like part of the motive for Miller’s interview (and callout) was about continuing her work of criticizing children — sorry, teaching dance.

These days, she does it over video chatting software.

"I teach on Zoom all over the world, and I can critique and pick out everything," Miller explained.

Abby Lee Miller on Inside Edition
Photo via Inside Edition

"Last night, at 1:00 a.m, well not last night, but this morning, I was teaching a child in Australia," Miller added, "fine tuning every step that she did."

Miller is doing this work from her home in Santa Monica.

While Burkitt lymphoma ravaged her body, Miller says that it was "the failure of six doctors" that ultimately landed her in a wheelchair.

Abby Lee Miller Fought Hard to Be Here
Photo via Lifetime

Miller says that she has changed her perspective "immensely’ since she was first diagnosed four years ago.

"I say please and thank you at least 100 times a day and to strangers," she shared.

"When you are in a store, and I get caught in between the clothing racks," Miller began.

Abby Lee Miller in Black/White
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Miller continued: "getting poked in the eye by the edges of hangers, just dropping things on the floor, dropping my car keys in the parking lot."

She reasoned: "All of those things become a huge problem. They are problematic."

Miller noted: "It is an effort for me to bend over and try to pick something up off the floor."

Abby Lee Miller on the Dance Moms Season 8 Trailer
Photo via Lifetime

"I can do it, but I have to lower my chair and lower my feet down and I have to lift up the arm rest," Miller described.

"I have to bend over and try to grab it," she detailed.

"I have such a respect for people that are handicapped," Miller affirmed.

Abby Lee Miller Weeps
Photo via Lifetime

"I had no idea — none before I was in the chair, and you see me out — we bumped into each other at a concert," Miller continued.

"And I like I said, I go to dinner, I shop, I do this, I do that," she listed.

Miller expressed: "[I’m] thankful and grateful for the people in my life — the people that stood by me through thick and thin, through all of this."