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Amber Portwood has a long and complicated history, from domestic violence arrests to drug use.

Last year, Andrew Glennon made startling drug use allegations about Amber, expressing concern over her behavior during a custody dropoff.

As a result, the court ordered Amber and Andrew to undergo a drug test for an array of different drugs.

Now, the results are in. What does this mean for 3-year-old James? 

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In October, Andrew insisted that Amber needed to be tested for drugs.

Amber has a history of struggles with addiction, but was believed to be clean in recent years.

However, Andrew described witnessing alarming behavior from her, describing her as "paranoid" during a custody exchange.

Glennon, Andrew
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On January 31, the Indiana judge ordered both Andrew and Amber to be tested.

This wasn’t a simple drug test — Andrew had suspected that Amber might be using meth.

This was a "10 panel urine drug screening."

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The exes were tested for methamphetamines and amphetamintes.

They were also tested for cocaine, marijuana, and opiates, including oxycodone and hydrocodone.

The test covered PCP, methadone, propoxyphene, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, ecstacy, and heroin.

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Now, the results are back, and The Sun reports that both Amber and Andrew tested negative to all of the above.

Some of those drugs are, notably, legal, either in other states or even in Indiana.

However, drug-testing in a custody dispute can have less to do with legalities and more to do with who might be impaired, legally or otherwise.

Amber the OG

In October, Andrew initially made this request after being alarmed during a custody exchange.

He feared that her "paranoid" behavior might have been due to meth use.

Andrew cited having witnessed Amber use meth in the past, even while pregnant and looking after their child.

Andrew Glennon with Son on Instagram

For the record, Amber denied Andrew’s allegations in court.

Though they both tested negative on February 1, most drugs are only detectable in urine a few days after being taken.

The exes have another hearing scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, and Thursday, March 3.

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Just one year ago, Amber asked to amend the custody agreement so that she could have overnight visits with James.

She was hoping to have overnight visits with him once he turned three years old (his birthday is in May).

The court ordered the two to resolve their custody issues through out-of-court mediation within 60 days, but they were unable to reach an agreement.

Andrew Glennon with Baby James
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These conflicts have been seemingly unending since Amber and Andrew’s bitter and frightening breakup in early July of 2019.

Amber attacked Andrew, apparently over a dispute relating to planning a Fourth of July outing with then-baby James.

Andrew had to lock himself and their child in a room to escape Amber’s violent assault.

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While Andrew was not the first partner whom Amber attacked in a fit of domestic violence, it had been years since she had battered Gary Shirley on camera.

The horror story of the house that night stunned Teen Mom fans who had thought that Amber had changed.

The photo of the machete marks, where Amber allegedly hacked at the door that was protecting her partner and son, is unforgettable.

Andrew Glennon Holding Son
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Whatever we think of Amber and Andrew as exes or human beings, the priority must always be James’ safety.

We hope that the court can do its best to guarantee that James has the best, safest life that he can.

The world will know more after the hearing on the matter in just a few weeks.