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On Monday, friends and family showered Kourtney Kardashian with birthday praise.

Kourtney is 43 years old!

As a reminder of how closely Kourt has bonded with Travis Barker’s kids, one tribute came from his teenage daughter.

Alabama gave Kourtney a shoutout that was the envy of stepmoms everywhere.

Photo via Instagram

16-year-old Alabama Barker posted a tribute on April 18.

"Happy birthday to the best soon to be step mom I could ask for!" she wrote.

Alabama assured Kourtney "You deserve the world."

The photo that she included was o f her with Kourtney and with Alabama’s sister, Atiana De La Hoya.

She also included a red heart emoji.

Though Alabama is the daughter of Travis and his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, she has bonded with Kourtney, starting very early in the Travis-Kourtney romance.

As we noted, they have bonded, hanging out together.

It makes sense — before Kourtney was a mom, she was the cool older sister to the much younger Kendall and Kylie.

And even as a mom, Kourtney is laid back, popular, gorgeous, and has to be a lot of fun to hang around.

Kourtney Kardashian Dines Outdoors with Travis Barker
Photo via Hulu

Alabama has done more than just socialize with her future stepmom.

About a year ago, she actually referred to Kourtney as basically being her "stepmom" already during a social media challenge.

She and others were playing a chaste game of never-have-I-ever, and it was asked if they had met a Kardashian. She obviously has.

Initially, Alabama’s mother was very vocal about Travis’ relationship with Kourtney … in a negative way.

She put Kourtney on blast, and even accused Kim of sleeping with Travis while he was married to her, and thus ruining her marriage.

That has been denied by everyone else on the planet, and these days, Shanna is sounding much more conciliatory about all of this.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Prepare to Kiss

Maybe it’s because she shares kids with Travis, kids who really like this new relationship.

Maybe she just chilled out when she realized that it was real love.

Or maybe Kris showed up in Shanna’s house one night surrounded by a bunch of menacing goons. We just don’t know what prompted the change of heart.

Kourtney and Travis became engaged last year in an over-the-top beachside proposal.

Just a few weeks ago, they very nearly got married in the wee hours of a Monday morning in Las Vegas.

However, even Vegas has some regulations on marriage, and a license must be issued before the ceremony.

Travis Proposes

Kourtney and Travis have since branded their would-be wedding as a practice run.

Most people assume that, at the time, they assumed that it was a real wedding ceremony, only to find out later — as the rest of us did — that it was not.

That could be a little embarrassing, but it’s also pretty darn cute.

Like Shanna, much of the world has grown accustomed to Kourtney and Travis’ wild, passionate love story.

Kourtney deserves to be happy, and her loved ones have been encouraged to see her so happy. So have a lot of fans.

At this point, Scott Disick may be the lone holdout.