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Kourtney Kardashian was born on April 18, 1979.

The only Gen X-er of the famous siblings celebrated turning 43 on Monday.

Given the amount of Travis Barker PDA that Kourt has been showing off, it’s no surprise that he gave her a birthday shout-out.

But honestly, it’s (emotionally) touching how sweet this is.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Kiss in Vegas
Photo via Instagram

Travis Barker shared a very cozy, cuddly photos of himself with Kourtney Kardashian, the birthday girl.

The photo is through a filter, one that simply makes it black and white rather than smoothing out skin or shrinking noses.

While Travis and Kourtney aren’t exactly overdressed, it’s one of their more tender photos together.

"My best friend, my lover, my everything," Travis captioned the sweet image.

"Happy Birthday @kourtneykardash," he wrote in his tribute.

He gushed to the birthday girl: "I love you."

Kourtney and Travis: MARRIED!

Kourtney of course saw Travis’ sweet post and responded in kind.

"All I could ever dream of and more," she commented under the photo.

And she was, of course, not the only one to take notice.

Kourtney & Travis are Married!
Photo via Getty

Kourtney’s little sister, Khloe, commented, writing a series of red heart emojis.

Simon Huck, Kourt’s bestie, wrote: "This pic … no words."

It is a good picture, and the sentiment behind it is honestly pretty heartwarming.

Kourtney Kardashian Dines Outdoors with Travis Barker
Photo via Hulu

Kourtney and Travis’ love story has won over a lot of people who never thought that they’d get "the feels" for Kourt’s romances.

A year ago, it was sort of a novelty — two famous friends and neighbors in a very intense, but still fairly new, romance.

Now, they’re head over heels in love, they’re engaged, they nearly had a wedding a few weeks ago, and they’re trying IVF.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian on The Kardashians

The Kardashians viewers will get to follow their quest to have a child together on this premiere season.

The Hulu series is already covering Kourt’s personal life in a more direct way than their old show had in years.

She has her love story with Travis. The cameras were even there for the proposal, according to the promos.

Photo via Hulu

Part of what has made their story so endearing is how it’s clearly making them both as giddy as teens.

Another part, in contrast, is how they are both parents who — by all accounts — are prioritizing their children’s feelings as appropriate.

They know that this is a big change for their kids. Kourtney has especially bonded with Travis’ daughter, Alabama.

Photo via Instagram

Goofily, Kourtney and Travis had a Vegas wedding ceremony … without an actual marriage certificate.

It took a couple of days, days filled with reports that no marriage license was issued, before Kourtney acknowledged that it was a "practice" run.

Translation? Many fans speculate that Kourt and Travis believed themselves to be legally married and only later learned otherwise. Whoops!

The Kardashians Promote The Kardashians

If that’s the case, maybe we’ll find out … and maybe we won’t. Some things are private, even for reality stars.

Kourtney’s love story has real appeal because it’s a happily ever after for her that some wondered if she might never receive.

She has often been more relatable (well, for a Kardashian) than some of her siblings, so a lot of people see themselves in her — and are happy that she found Travis.