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Last week, Gwendlyn Brown subtweeted her siblings who were dissing her.

This led into a discussion in which Gwendlyn called her brother, Paedon, a racist for his reaction to Black Lives Matter.

Gwendlyn Brown

On Friday, as we previously reported, Gwendlyn Brown tweeted that some members of her family have expressed the bigoted view that bi people just … don’t exist.

"That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible," Gwendlyn lamented.

"#ThisIsSomethingWeCanAllRelateToDefinitely," she tagged the tweet. The erasure of bisexuals is shockingly common and deeply malicious.

Paedon Brown

"Probs Paedon," a reply reads.

The replying tweet continues: "He legit insta messaged me once to let me know that black lives don’t matter."

Sadly, this does not sound like it was news to Gwendlyn.

"Not surprised," Gwendlyn remarks.

She then asks the follower: "Did you screenshot it?"

The answer, folks, was a definitive yes.

Photo via Instagram

The Twitter user posted a pair of screenshots of DMs allegedly received from Gwendlyn’s 21-year-old brother.

In them, Paedon appears to parrot multiple racist dog-whistles, most notably the infamous and always-in-bad-faith "Black on Black crime" nonsense.

Additionally, the DMs cite skewed views of statistics — dishonestly mentioning numbers of white Americans killed by police without noting proportion to population.

“Murder is wrong, murderers will burn in hell no question no doubt," Paedon allegedly wrote, "but I don’t blame every black man because one black man threatened me."

“More white people get killed by cops every year than Black people," he claimed. "And there’s more black on black violence than there is any other violence."

Paedon’s alleged DMs continued: "But you don’t see anybody trying to do something about that.”

He also cited car accident numbers and parodied real-world political concerns with a cry to "abolish all cars."

The obvious logical fallacies in his DMs might be forgiven — not everyone is particularly bright or good at logic, and that alone is okay.

But the bad faith attitude behind it and the blatant anti-Black racism behind the dog whistles employed are another story. That was blood-curdling.

Photo via Instagram

"There were more," the Twitter user revealed.

"But," the person, who is Twitter mutuals with Gwendlyn, continued, "I think it was in the comments of his blue lives trash post."

"And then people legit jumped on me tried to justify it," the tweet laments.

Gwendlyn Brown Photo

"You handled that so well," Gwendlyn told her friend in a now-deleted tweet.

She expressed: "Talking with racists is painful and he sounded like an idiot. Good job."

It’s always embarrassing when you have a relative making a very public ass of themselves.

Kody and Paedon

Of course, someone either very mean-spirited or simply fond of drama messaged Paedon about Gwendlyn’s tweets.

"Thanks," he wrote. "I will still protect her until my dying day."

That is deeply patronizing. Perhaps he could pour that energy into reevaluating his views and values instead!

Gwendlyn Brown Selfie

But Gwendlyn’s recent tweets have also brought in an outpouring of support.

Mariah’s fiancee, Audrey Kriss, chimed in under where Gwendlyn lamented the despicable bi-erasure that some of her siblings have been putting her through.

"Love you sis," her future sister-in-law wrote.

Photo via Instagram

Mariah and by extension Audrey have had conflict with Paedon over his toxic and misguided political views.

Unfortunately, no one gets to choose their relatives. Even so, we’re sure that Mariah and Gwendlyn would both prefer to see Paedon give up his boot-licking ways and improve his moral compass.

He’s still a young man. He hopefully has time to grow and change as a person.