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Earlier this month, Farrah Abraham checked into rehab following a troubled start to her year.

Though it was not widely known at the time, the controversial reality star also had a difficult time — for very different reasons — about one year ago.

A police report dating back to March of 2021 accused disgraced former mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault.

Despite redactions to the records, Farrah clearly describes suffering unexplained memory loss after the incident, echoing reports from other accusers.

Farrah Abraham Confessional Pic

The Press Democrat got a look at heavily redacted reports that include Farrah Abraham’s account to police.

She spoke to authorities to describe the events of March 28 and March 29 of last year.

This, she said, was when Dominic Foppoli — who was mayor of Windsor at the time — allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Farrah Abraham Confessional Photo

Most of the names in the report were redacted, but Farrah’s attorney confirmed that she had spoken to the police.

On January 26, the Palm Beach Police Department suspended the investigation due to "insufficient evidence."

According to the report, Farrah lacking "a recollection of the event" played a part in that … rather than serving as further evidence.

Foppoli has denied these allegations of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape.

He has made similar denials when accused by others.

Including Farrah, Foppoli has 13 public accusers. Those aren’t Bill Cosby numbers, but they are staggeringly high.

Farrah Abraham Gets Angry

Last year, Farrah told police that she had gone to a Palm Beach residence for a wine tasting, which began at about 7 in the evening.

In addition to sampling several wines, she drank part of an "old fashioned" cocktail — a whiskey-based drink supplied by Foppoli.

Farrah described feeling sober at the time, but cannot remember much beyond when Foppoli asked if she wanted to see the guest house.

Farrah on Herr Gram

Farrah’s next memory is of the next morning, of waking up naked in bed with Foppoli.

She then found broken pieces of her jewelry in the bathroom.

The report indicated that she suspected that she had been raped.

Farrah Abraham Returns

When she asked Foppoli about what had happened the night before, he allegedly told her "we’re both adults."

There was a toxicology report among the documents, but this report was redacted beyond usability.

Meanwhile, Foppoli has chosen to to use Farrah’s recent trip to rehab to attempt to cast doubts upon the allegations against him.

Farrah Abraham Screen Capture

“I’m glad to hear this week that the person who falsely accused me there is getting the mental health support she needs,” Foppoli stated.

That is a twisted thing for someone to say.

Even if Farrah were his only accuser, it would be a screwed up thing to say. As it is, it comes across as something worse.

Sister Farrah Abraham

There are various drugs that are sometimes added to drinks to poison an intended victim so that a rapist can target them.

GHB is arguably the most famous example, as it is known to cause anterograde amnesia — causing the victim to lose memories following ingestion.

If Farrah did ingest GHB that night, it could explain the lack of evidence, and we do not just mean memory loss.

Farrah Abraham Masked Up

GHB is detectable through saliva within minutes of ingestion, but not long after.

Similarly, urine tests might stop testing positive within 12 hours after ingesting GBH (despite some anomalous reports from Quantico about refrigerated urine samples that don’t really apply here).

Even blood tests can fail to conclusively show that GBH was ingested at 72 hours after the fact. Hair follicle tests cannot reliably test for GHB at all.

Farrah After Botox

Without knowing more (including redacted contents of the reports), it is difficult to say why investigators have suspended the investigation … reportedly without even speaking to witnesses.

However, it would be shocking (not surprising, more like upsetting to the point of scandal) for a prosecutor to fail to move against a disgraced former mayor accused of assault by 13 women.

It may be that Farrah’s case is less likely to convince a jury than others. We wish all survivors of sexual violence both peace and justice.