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Longtime reality stars are no strangers to scrutiny, misinformation, and social media trolls.

However, new 90 Day Fiance cast members like Memphis Sandoval are sometimes caught unprepared for the vitriol aimed their way.

Memphis has faced paternity questions, been ridiculed for her manner of speech, and even felt that "fans" were bullying her children.

On social media, she is hitting back hard at trolls and asking fans to be kinder — not just to her, but to her castmates.

Memphis Sandoval needed some space to figure things out

Memphis Smith, also known as Memphis Sandoval and most recently as Memphis Chardell-Arden Mokni, has been speaking out since the season premiere.

A newcomer to the franchise on Season 5, she spoke out early this year.

She implored viewers to remember that editing meant that much of what they saw was taken out of context.

Memphis Sandoval and Moknii Hamza Ride to Their Wedding

Memphis has repeatedly asked haters to go complain elsewhere, like the comments under various blogger pages.

Trolls filling her Instagram with insults and accusations, she warned, would be blocked.

Memphis admitted that she wasn’t sure if she would do the show again in light of what she has experienced … at one point referring to it as "the devil’s work."

Memphis Sandoval contacts a family law attorney

That was then.

Now, Memphis is emphasizing how hard of a time her castmates are having, too.

“It is sad to see so many people going to the extreme to hurt [the] cast, belittle them."

Memphis Sandoval is honestly getting fed up

She lamented that people would "try to discredit them and destroy their lives."

Memphis expressed a desire for people to be wiser and to “not to participate in these shows.”

Her frustration, she explained, stemmed from people not enjoying the show for what it is.

“Then what will these lowlife people do with their time?” Memphis asked.

She suggested: “Maybe do something more productive like plant a tree."

This could be a response to a couple of things.

First of all, this could stem from Memphis’ recent drama related to a photo of her young son.

Her son, who is now 7 years old, was very cute as a baby.

But when Memphis posted a throwback of him without a clear explanation and then insisted that he was not Hamza’s, rumors began flying around.

While Memphis could have avoided this by clearly labeling her photos, she is not an experienced public figure.

A few months ago, no one had ever heard of her, and her posts would receive mostly normal replies.

Now, she’s living in a different world where every post will be analyzed by countless chattering voices, many of whom have bad intentions.

Ben Rathbun Mugshot

Memphis is not the only cast member under fire.

Ben Rathbun says that he was fired because of misinformation following his arrests, which he says were also not his fault.

One would hope that more reality stars would give information that they are able to, as many good faith fans are simply discussing the best information available.

Memphis has clearly had enough.

She shared that she plans to discontinue use of her Instagram page after the Tell All special airs.

One can hardly blame her from being tired of the backlash.

Hamza and Memphis Sandoval are married

That said … Memphis was spotted a few months ago, apparently filming again.

She was seen in Michigan. Hamza was reportedly seen with her.

Honestly, it would be very interesting to see how Memphis and Hamza get along in a new environment … with that same language barrier.