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It’s been over four months since Lala Kent broke off her engagement to Randall Emmett, but the dust from that extraordinarily messy split is still far from settled.

Shortly after the couple went their separate ways, Lala revealed that she had caught Randall cheating during their relationship.

At first, she was relatively tight-lipped about the situation.

But as time went on, she became more and more open about the betrayal …

Lala and Randall

… and Randall started looking worse and worse.

In interviews, on social media, and on her own podcast, Lala revealed that Emmett bought her a fake diamond when he proposed (which is surprising, as it was his purported wealth that drew her to him in the first place).

Kent then told her followers that Randall was terrible in bed, and she only stayed with him because they were building a family together …

Lala Kent and Randall Throwback

… which probably made her feel even more humiliated and outraged when she found out he was sleeping around.

Unfortunately, Lala’s discovery and the subsequent breakup all happened off camera, so Vanderpump Rules viewers didn’t get to bask in the drama.

However, Lala has been documenting this messy breakup for her Instagram followers, so we have a pretty good sense of what’s going through her head from one day to the next.

Photo via Instagram

And her latest update comes to us from an unexpected place:

Author Tina Swintin wrote a book called Divorcing a Narcissist, and for obvious reasons, Lala is a fan.

Kant recently posted a lengthy comment on one of Swintin’s posts that reveals a lot about her final days with Rand.

Randall Emmett and Ex

It started when Swintin chose Emmett as her "Narcissist of the Week" and noted that he had recently received backlash for sharing a photo of Ocean, his infant daughter by Kent.

"Let’s talk about it," Lala’s comment began.

"I was alone during most of my pregnancy and for the first 7 months of her life, until the mask fell and I saw who he really was.

Photo via Instagram

"They ‘traveled’ together while I was home with ocean, and working on my brand," Lala continued. 

"I thought he was working, because that’s what he said he was doing."

Lala says she eventually learned that "working" was Randall’s cover for his secret relationship, which she discovered only "after the pictures surfaced."

Randall Emmett and Ex

"I tried to leave the home to gain clarity and avoid a toxic environment for my daughter- but anytime I did he threatened to call the police if I didn’t return ocean to the home," Kent continued.

"But if he felt we were good and he was in control again, I was able to leave the house. I did what I had to do to leave the relationship with my baby. His new 23 year old girlfriend was ‘basically living’ in the home 2 days after I left." 

Lala hinted at more damaging claims to come, noting that Randall’s cheating "isn’t the most shocking thing" about their relationship, adding:

Lala Kent Post-Rand

"Sadly this isn’t the most shocking thing I learned. Women and cheating are just the tip of the iceberg.

Lala says she has glad to have escaped this toxic relationship but she fears for her rights as a mother.

"I was able to get out- but now my daughter is in the hands of a broken court system. Narcs thrive when they are under a microscope. I am not blind to what is going on, tho," she wrote.

Lala Kent and Randall

"It makes me sick that my sweet daughters face (a picture I took and sent to him by the way) is what pops up when he does his dirty work," she wrote, referencing the topic of Swintin’s post.

In a separate comment, Lala noted that she harbors no ill will toward Randall’s new girlfriend and instead feels compassion for the woman.

"She saved me. But I’m heartbroken for her. She’s his next victim," Kent wrote.

Hopefully Randall’s new partner will heed Lala’s warning before it’s too late!