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In a word? Gorgeous.

Simply gorgeous.

Okay, fine. That’s two words.

But Tori Roloff deserves at least that much praise and likely a whole lot more, following her sharing of a maternity photo just a few weeks before she’s due to give birth for the third time.

Tori Roloff Maternity Picture

On Tuesday, the Little People, Big World cast member shared the above snapshot on Instagram, offering up a helpful update as a caption to the breathtaking picture.

"This pregnancy has been so much more than I could have ever asked God for," Roloff opened, referring, of course, to the precious bun growing in her oven at the moment.

"I was so nervous this one would be difficult after my super difficult pregnancy with Lilah. But it’s been the opposite.

"It’s been actually quite easy (minus the tiredness)."

Over the past few months, ever since confirming she was expecting again, Tori has been quite open and candid with her followers.

Just about a month ago, the reality star admitted that she’s uncomfortable with her pregnant body at times.

“Reminder: Growing a human is hard,” the 30-year old captioned a mirror selfie at the time

“Sometimes I struggle with how I look during pregnancy. But I’m trying hard to love myself through pregnancy because our bodies are insane. Right?"

Tori Roloff in the Snow

Yes, right, Tori.


"Today was slightly rough only because I’m trying to figure out my nutrition this time around as I feel like food effects me so much differently than my previous pregnancies," continued Tori on Tuesday, adding of her latest photo shoot:

"I barely had time to dwell on feeling crummy though, because @moniqueserraphotography sent me some more sneaks and it’s just even more of a reminder of how grateful and blessed I truly am."

Tori Roloff Baby Bump #3

In December, Tori confessed that the miscarriage she suffered last March was impacting her ability to feel joy this time around.

It was a powerful and raw admission.

These days, however, Roloff appears to be doing a lot better.

She appears to be thinking in a far more positive manner.

Tori, Kids, Beach!

"I love this babe so much and I’m so grateful for the ability to carry a healthy baby!" concluded Roloff in her most recent message.

"I feel like my love for this body has been better this go around too because of everything we’ve been through.

"I still struggle some days with how I look, but then I see photos like this that make me feel like a complete goddess.

"I’m praying for all the mamas and soon to be mamas out there!"