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Only a short time ago, Joy-Anna Duggar returned to social media after Josh’s conviction.

Things are awkward for all of the Duggar clan right now, and Joy is no exception.

She is getting clowned on hard for turning even a simple ladies-only pre-Valentine’s Day get-together into a bible study.

Even Christians who are fans of the Duggars admit that they’re not sure what "Bible Inspiration" means as a party activity.

Joy-Anna Duggar Goes Blonde

Ester Bates shared a photo of a group of fundamentalist gals enjoying their version of a pre-Valentine’s Day get-together.

Joy-Anna Duggar was present, but she was not the only Duggar gal present.

Abbie Burnett and Katey Nakatsu, her sisters-in-law, were also part of the celebration.

The friends had assembled for a fun get-together, featuring manicured nails, some seasonally appropriate treats, and salad.

The table boasted a vase of flowers and a balloon.

With pizzas present, a homemade banner also offered the fun play on words: "Love you to PIZZAS."

Ester’s caption explained that the event was "Galentine’s Party 2022."

Galentine’s Day is a Parks and Rec reference, referring to an all-female get-together prior to Valentine’s Day itself.

Ester listed the activities: nail painting, Bible inspiration, love stories, good food, fun date ideas, and games.

Galentine’s Day celebrations are a great way to put an alternative spin upon this particular season of the year.

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is fun if you have a significant other (or more than one) or if you like chocolate. If neither, you’re out of luck.

In this case, we’re guessing that their Valentine’s Day date ideas — discussed among married fundamentalist Christians — involved less lingerie than a mainstream discussion might.

However, the post made its way to Reddit.

There, those who love to snark about the Duggars were incredulous and straight-up confused by the activities list.

Everybody understands pizza. It’s "Bible inspiration" that had people scratching their heads.

"Is it even a Duggar party without Bible Inspiration?" the original poster posed to the group.

"I’m a Christian and I don’t know what ‘Bible inspiration’ means," a redditor very reasonably admitted.

Another commented: "Fun date ideas? Bible reading with that messy chocolate as dessert? I’d like the specifics please."

"Bible inspiration is not a party activity," another redditor advised in the comments.

One has to assume that ideas about romance and dates were borrowed from the bible to somehow "inspire" the ladies at the party.

Presumably, they drew inspiration from more conventional and relatable stories, not any of the ones involving adultery or incest. Those are less festive.

So, we should acknowledge that redditors who dedicate a space to snarking about the Duggars are not going to give them a fair shake.

We’re not condemning them for that, just acknowledging it.

Just like a forum for diehard Duggar apologists, you’re not going to get nuanced takes there.

However, they do have some points — underneath all of the catty comments.

Everyone has a right to believe in and practice their faith in any way that does not harm others.

But there are legitimate concerns about people born into cults who genuinely do not have any other foundation for fun or socializing.

Even people who are themselves religious, including some of the Reddit users who commented, cannot relate to this behavior.

One can find religious meaning in many activities without framing those activities around one’s faith.

Sure, they were just giving Joy-Anna and the others a hard time, but people do genuinely worry sometimes about the emotional health of those living a fundamentalist lifestyle.