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Tori Roloff is nothing if not candid on social media.

And raw.

And real, no matter how it may come across to certain observers.

The latest case in point? Something the Little People, Big World star said to fans on her Instagram Story about how she feels these days, just over halfway through her second pregnancy.

Tori Roloff in the Snow

Happy? Excited? Grateful?

Yes, yes and yes.

But also…

“Reminder: Growing a human is hard,” the 30-year old captioned a mirror selfie on Wednesday. “Sometimes I struggle with how I look during pregnancy.

As you can see above, the TLC was donning gray sweatshirt and black leggings in the snapshot, explaining the basis behind this outfit as follows:

“This is what I’m wearing to a dinner party because I’m uncomfortable in regular clothes.

"But I’m trying hard to love myself through pregnancy because our bodies are insane. Right?”

Right. Absolutely. One million percent, Tori.

Tori, Kids, Beach!

Relatedly, the long-time reality star subsequently post a photo of her two-year olddaughter, Lilah, gushing:

“Meanwhile, this thing always looks so cute. That’s what counts, isn’t it?”

Roloff also gave fans a glimpse of her 4-year-old son Jackson’s “fresh haircut."

Photo via Instagram

Tori and Zach had quite an up and down year in 2021.

They suffered a miscarriage in March. They admitted a few months later that they were having trouble conceiving.

And then they delivered the blessed news in November that they were expecting child number-three.

“We are so excited to share some exciting news with you!” the pregnant star captioned her reveal at the time, adding:

“Baby Roloff will be joining us this spring and we are so grateful to God for this sweet gift!”

Tori Roloff Baby Bump #3

Just before Christmas, meanwhile, Tori once again held nothing back in discussing both her pregnancy and how it’s unfortunately been affecting by losing her daughter last spring.

"I feel like miscarriage truly steals your joy. This pregnancy, it’s been so difficult to get excited," she confessed in mid-December.

"However, we have seen baby multiple times and we’ve heard his/her heartbeat a ton. And it’s strong.

"I’m at the point that my husband makes fun of me for going to all the appointments because my OB teased that by the third most women skip out on them."

Tori Roloff Sonogram Picture

Continued Tori along this sad theme:

"I’m starting to feel baby move pretty consistently and that has really helped me relax and enjoy these moments with our sweet babe!! My first trimester was pretty miserable. I slept a ton. Couldn’t eat anything.

"And I was bloated beyond belief. I was convinced it was a girl. My second trimester (gosh it’s gone by SO fast!) has been a lot better.

"Less bloat. More appetite, and I feel like I am moving and feeling good this time around!

"Now I think it’s a boy."

Photo via Instagram

Tori and Zach are waiting to find out the gender of this baby until he or she is born.

"I am so grateful to God for this gift," she concluded last month.

"This pure and whole gift and I am so thankful that my body is capable of growing this sweet life."

Tori in a Pumpkin Patch

In July 2019, while waiting for Lilah to arrive, Tori touched on this same sort of baby issue.

“Hearing people ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins definitely does not help (for all our sakes-don’t ever ask a woman this question. Like ever),” Roloff noted in an Instagram post at the time.

“Us as women are so badass. Like, we can grow babies. And I know I need to give this up to God right and be thankful for this gift.

"And I’m trying trust me."

Photo via Instagram

She added back then:

For all those women out there … you need to hear this just like I do: you’re beautiful, you’re strong and dang it love yourself no matter what.

I know someone besides just me needs to hear that today.

So excuse me while I go try my best to live out these words and continue growing a freaking human being.