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We hate to say this, but it looks like we were wrong about Kelly Dodd.

For about a year now, it’s been widely believed that Kelly’s atrocious behavior was just borne of desperation to make headlines.

Unfortunately, it looks like her vocal, angry nonsense is less calculated than we had all assumed.

Kelly recently lashed out at a parody account as if it were the real deal. Yikes.

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious
Photo via Bravo

Disgraced former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is once again having a normal one.

"Heather Dumbrow" is a parody Twitter account.

It’s obvious from the display name, and the account even has "parody" written in the bio.

After the parody account made a joke about "firing" Kelly, the real Kelly Dodd fired back.

"Ratings suck because of your fugly face and attitude!" Kelly snapped.

"And," she hissed, "nobody wants to know about your kid’s sexuality!"

Kelly Dodd Online

Kelly must have realized her error after the fact, because this embarrassing tweet has now been deleted.

But the internet is forever, as that screenshot indicates.

And Kelly’s clownery will not soon be forgotten.

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Really Apologize

Kelly seems to be extremely eager to leap at any chance to attack Heather Dubrow.

It’s weird for someone who is not a Real Housewife to be lashing out at someone who is.

But Kelly has seemed to be very intent upon making headlines and forcing her way into the RHOC narrative.

Kelly Dodd on Her Vapid Podcast

What’s funny is that the parody account was mostly parodying Heather.

The comment about having "fired" Kelly was a joke, meant to poke fun at Heather’s sense of self-importance.

It’s just so funny that the real, actual Kelly decided to take it seriously, and pounce.

Photo via Bravo

Kelly knows that Season 15’s ratings were historic lows for the series, and that part of what caused this was a boycott against her.

She has been quick to attempt to rub Season 16’s ratings in people’s faces, though this season’s lowest ratings haven’t gotten below Season 15’s low point.

It may take a few seasons for the series to regain lost viewers, but most agree that Season 16 has found a better balance than recent casts.

Kelly Dodd Has a Huge New Rental

It seems unlikely that Kelly actually thinks that Heather’s face is "fugly."

Maybe she does, but she also just says things in anger — whatever sounds hurtful — and will sometimes later apologize.

This played out with Vicki on camera. Now it seems to be playing out with (fake) Heather on Twitter.

Kelly Dodd is Off Her Rocker
Photo via Bravo

The last part of Kelly’s tweet was the worst part, because it was weird and bigoted and because it attacked Heather’s daughter.

Max came out as bisexual to her mother, which is still a big deal.

As much as we would all like to pretend otherwise, bigotry is alive and thriving — as Kelly’s tweet makes clear.

Kelly Dodd Gets Fancy
Photo via Instagram

Coming out stories playing out on screens help real families watching at home to understand healthy (and unhealthy) responses.

Heather was very supportive of her daughter coming out, which was the right way to go about things.

Kelly not wanting "to hear" about Max’s sexuality is her business. And yes, it’s bigotry.

Kelly Dodd Reunion Pic

Sometimes, homophobes and biphobes will insist that they’re no such thing, but also react negatively to any discussion of non-heterosexual sexualities.

While straight communities often see themselves as "default," that is not the case.

And to be honest, despite a broad LGBTQ+ audience, the Real Housewives franchise is aggressively heterosexual.

Kelly Dodd Offers a Desperate Apology

Most of the stars are straight. Many of them (as fits the premise) are married with children.

Kelly’s whining about a brief mention of Max’s sexuality shows how much contempt she seems to feel for the LGBTQ+ community.

If so, that would mean that Kelly has gotten worse since she last appeared on the show. That is disappointing.

Kelly Dodd Complains about Civil Rights Protests

Or maybe Kelly was just saying whatever sounded cruelest. Or maybe both.

Kelly’s clownery wasn’t directed at Heather this time, but she’s making it very clear that she’s not going away just because she was fired.

Maybe she’s angling for people to watch her ridiculous podcast, maybe she just wants her Orange back. Either way, ugh.