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The year isn’t over yet, and it looks like Kelly Dodd’s campaign to be crowned Worst Person Alive 2021 hasn’t stopped, either.

From trying to ruin everyone’s fun on Halloween to her weird obsession with stalking Heather Dubrow, she doesn’t know when to quit.

Now, Kelly is aiming much closer to home with a series of cruel, vicious tweets aimed at her own stepdaughter.

She’s not "throwing shade" or being catty. Kelly is outright calling Rick Leventhal’s daughter a "piece of s–t."

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious
Photo via Bravo

"Some kids are bad and some kids are good!!!" Kelly Dodd proclaimed in a recent tweet.

"I’m a good kid.. I take care of my parents !!" she announced.

"These liberal whack jobs are takers and shit talkers," Kelly jabbered meaninglessly.

Photo via Instagram

"I would never go on social media and speak poorly of my Mom & Dad," Kelly insisted.

Yes, several replies mentioned the story about Kelly allegedly having once pushed her mother down the stairs.

"I’m glad my daughter doesn’t talk crap," Kelly proclaimed. "love you Jolie!"

Now Kelly used a lot of malicious buzzwords that don’t really mean anything, but what is she trying to talk about?

Alongside the tweet, she shared a screenshot from a DM conversation that included a post by Veronica, Rick Leventhal’s daughter.

In the screenshot, Veronica is commenting on a passage from No One Is Talking About This that particularly resonated with her.

“This book is like a gut punch," Veronica wrote. "It reminds me of when I told my Dad I had personally been ‘grabbed by the p–y’ in a bar."

"He said, ‘I’m sorry that happened to you’ and then gleefully celebrated when Trump won,” she described.

Veronica has spoken in the past on the struggle to be a good person while having a parent who is clearly, loudly not.

It’s not clear who was talking to Kelly about this, but the other person called Veronica a "nut case."

The person on the other side of the conversation also seemed to suggest that wanting public funds to go towards improving the community instead of arming police is a bad thing.

In other words, Kelly has been keeping a lot of like-minded company for the past couple of years, and it has clearly made her worse.

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd on Halloween 2021

It’s a shame that Kelly’s reaction to that was so negative.

It must have been difficult for Veronica to watch her father celebrate a victory by a proud sexual predator.

Then again, that was difficult for so many reasons.

Kelly Dodd Yells, Because of Course She Does

Kelly was apparently either fixated on the topic of Veronica’s social media … or just eager to cause outrage.

"My step daughter Veronica should carry this," she tweeted.

Kelly then included a photo of a fictional "White Privilege Card," illustrating how much she missed the point.

White privilege simply means that one is not marginalized and does not experience systemic oppression on the basis of race.

One could be disabled, trans, a religious minority, or face any number of other forms of discrimination, not to mention personal challenges.

But with systemic racism impacting everything from generational wealth to school dress codes to healthcare, not being subject to racism is a privilege.

Kelly Dodd on Her Vapid Podcast

Kelly wasn’t trying to make any kind of real or meaningful point.

The disgraced former Real Housewife has clearly been moving around in malicious social circles even more than she had in the past.

As a result, normal conversational topics like "white privilege" are said for laughs, while "liberal whackjob" and "taker" get uncritical cries of "boo!"

Kelly Dodd is Off Her Rocker
Photo via Bravo

Obviously, people called out Kelly for being just awful.

"She’s the piece of crap !! I treat my Dad like gold!!" Kelly announced, as if that has any moral weight to it.

She declared: "She’s a typical liberal a user and a taker and a s–t talker!!"

Other people — you know, normal people — expressed sympathy for Veronica.

She’s a young adult and a professional, and clearly had no control over how s–tty her dad is and did not get to pick his new wife for him.

"Typical liberal a user and a taker a s–t talker!" Kelly fired back. 

Meaningless, but in her twisted mind, this should be enough.

"His daughter is the piece of s–t talking about her Dad on social media !!" Kelly screeched in another tweet.

She insisted "I would never do that to my Dad!" as if that means anything.

"What kind of daughter talks bad about her Dad on social media !!!" Kelly asked.

(I almost lost my mind and typed out the obvious reply, somoene with a bad dad, Kelly, before I came to my senses and didn’t send it)

"She’s the piece of [excrement emoji]," Kelly declared.

You can tell that Kelly has spent a lot of time rubbing elbows with the worst kinds of people, because she has gotten worse.

Just look at another tweet that she fired off at someone who was simply entertained that she’s clearly obsessed with Heather Dubrow, her RHOC replacement.

No decent person would ever speak to another in this manner.

It’s also wild to think of someone questioning why someone would go on social media to badmouth their father.

That often seems to be one of the primary uses of social media, as entire generations of people process all of the wrongs done to them in their young lives.

If parents don’t want people to talk s–t about them on social media, they could just … you know … be good parents and good people. It’s not that hard.

Kelly Dodd Insta Photo

Veronica is hardly alone in struggling to accept who her father has chosen to be.

Countless Americans have watched in horror as misinformation, fear, and spite twist their friends, family, and neighbors into frothing bigots.

Our hearts go out to Veronica. Frankly, to Jolie, too. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have a mom who chooses to act like this.