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A year spent dedicated to malice and disinformation took its toll on Kelly Dodd’s career.

These days, she is so desperate for attention that she’s actively courting lawsuits just to make headlines.

Kelly’s latest stunt involved an offensive Native American costume that she claims is okay.

Her husband Rick’s costume may have been even worse.

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd on Halloween 2021

On Instagram, Kelly Dodd and her husband, Rick Leventhal, were both proud to display their costumes.

On the surface, it looked like Kelly made the unfortunate choice to dress as a Native American while Rick went as a cowboy.

The captions made it clear that things were actually worse than they appeared.

"2021 Halloween party highlights!," Kelly captioned her look.

"For you haters, I embrace my Native American heritage," she alleged.

Kelly claimed: "I think the fashion is beautiful & this was a tribute & celebration."

There is a lot of nonsense and malevolence to unpack with Kelly.

(There always is, really)

Unfortunately, her husband Rick’s costume was even more outwardly malicious — which is saying a lot.

"Kelly celebrated her Native American heritage," Rick wrote in his caption.

He added: "I celebrated the great American film actor Alec Baldwin."

Yes, him posing in a cowboy outfit with a gun was meant to represent Alec Baldwin.

Photo via Instagram

Like we said, there is a lot to talk about in just two costumes and a few short words.

Unfortunately, absolutely none of it is good.

The two are trolling for attention and they’re getting it, so let’s break down the how & why in order:

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious
Photo via Bravo

Why were critics of the racist cosplay addressed as "haters?"

It all goes to her core pathology.

Kelly Dodd seems to subscribe to the idea that anyone criticizing her is a "hater" to be ignored.

Photo via Instagram

In reality, a lot of people who truly despise Kelly as a human being were once her fans.

They found her entertaining on reality television and a breath of fresh air when compared to some of her castmates.

They only became "haters" when her behavior warranted loathing — not the other way around, as she supposes.

Kelly Dodd is Off Her Rocker
Photo via Bravo

What "Native American heritage" is Kelly talking about?

Last year, it was brought up many times that Kelly is, among other things, alarmingly racist.

In an effort to defend herself from these accusations, she decided to take a DNA test.

Kelly Dodd and Her Husband
Photo via Instagram

According to Kelly’s claims, she is "Black, Asian, Mexican, Spanish."

She added that she is "30 percent Native American and I’m one percent Jewish. And I’m all races."

In her warped mind, this apparently gave her license to don an entire culture as a degrading costume.

Photo via BRAVO

First of all, no genetic test can tell us our culture — it can only guess at ethnicity and geography based upon certain markers.

Taking a DNA test and learning that your ancestry is not what you thought can be a motive to learn more about that culture.

It is never a permission slip to mock that culture. Genetic heritage is not synonymous with cultural heritage.

Photo via Bravo

She also described herself as "30 percent Native American," as if that were not a broad reference to an entire continent of nations.

She is wearing a war bonnet, something traditionally worn by Native American and First Nations communities of the interior plains.

Even then, these war bonnets are a form of regalia with specific cultural meanings that do not apply to Kelly, and never would.

Kelly Dodd Reunion Pic

A Cherokee would not wear a war bonnet. A Black Foot would not wear a war bonnet.

Imagine dressing as a mime and telling people that you’re European when you’re only dressing as a specific set of French people.

Now imagine if most of Europe had been massacred in centuries of genocide and oppression, the survivors stripped of their land and dignity.

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd

Hey, maybe Kelly Dodd’s ancestroy does come from North America’s interior plains.

That does not make her part of the community, or give her license to use that culture as a costume.

Again, she has a genetic test result, not a cultural background. She is still fully capable of anti-indigenous racism. 

Kelly Dodd Yells, Because of Course She Does

Finally, Kelly claims that this was a "celebration," which is when she really shows her hand.

Kelly was almost certainly doing this to troll people and to attract negative attention, and thought that she was being "clever" somehow.

Because she seems to inherently not understand right and wrong, she thinks of concepts like cultural sensitivity as a "game" that she can win.

Rick Leventhal
Photo via Getty Images for

As abhorrent as Kelly’s behavior continues to be, Rick’s was worse.

Rick dressed as Alec Baldwin as Alec Baldwin’s character in Rust.

Infamously, a woman died and another was wounded when a prop gun discharged live ammunition on set.

Kelly Dodd Has a Huge New Rental

Right now, friends, family, and loved ones are mourning Halyna Hutchins.

The late cinematographer was the victim of a tragedy, one in which a series of precautions all failed and culminated in her death.

It is sad, but not surprising, to see that certain political operatives have latched onto the story with glee because it involved Alec Baldwin.

Photo via Instagram

Like the majority of Americans, Baldwin was very critical of disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Apparently, this alone was enough to make this on-set tragedy the butt of jokes in certain circles.

For Rick to escalate that by wearing a costume mocking the shooting is beyond disturbing — even from a guy who works at Fox News.

Photo via Bravo

So why are they doing all of this? Why not just have fun on Halloween like normal people?

Part of it, of course, is simply that they are bad people who do bad things because it makes them happy.

They know that people will be unhappy, and that was part of the fun for them. Some people have a rot in their souls.

Kelly Dodd on Her Vapid Podcast

Kelly and Rick also seem to be vying for attention because they hope to launch their special brand of malice into a success story.

They cleary hope to attract more followers and Patreon supporters, and making headlines with their bad behavior is the key to that.

The thing is that it works. People are talking about it. Let’s just hope that nobody pledges to support their contemptible behavior.