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It was a whirlwind romance.

And now it’s turned into a speedy split.

On Monday morning, Meghan King confirmed that her marriage to Cuffe Owens was over.

After a mere two months.

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The October 11 wedding had drawn extra attention because Owens is the nephew of President Joe Biden.

The Commander-in-Chief even attended the festivities.

"I’ve been asked by many outlets and individuals to comment on the state of my marriage," the former Real Housewives of Orange County star began on one Instagram Story slide today.

Speculation over the state of her relationship started to run rampant after King shared a Christmas card that included her kids… and not her husband.

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"I am rattled. This situation is profoundly devastating," continued the Bravo alum.

"This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows — and I’m shocked and saddened by the way things turned out."

Meghan went on to reference her children, daughter Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes, both 3 ½, from her previous marriage to Jim Edmonds.

That marriage ended is ugly accusations of infidelity by Meghan, who claimed her now-ex cheated with the famiily nanny.

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Concluded King in her break-up message:

"I am moving forward with my children as we privately process our pain and begin to let go of shattered dreams.

"At the time I ask for your grave and gentle kindness as I navigate this labyrinth of grief with my family."

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Just a few weeks ago, King spoke to Brides magazine about her latest nuptials, telling the publication:

“Our wedding was about two things for us.

“Our love for and commitment to each other, and our family — each of our families, and the new very large and very tight family that we were bonding together by getting married.

"That’s it.”

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King went public with her most recent relationship two weeks before their wedding.

At the time, she posted photos of the duo together on Instagram and referred to Owens as "my man" in the caption.

"We connected on a dating app, texted for a day or two, then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke," the reality star explained to Brides.

"By the time that call ended, Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in about eight hours.

"Within a week, we were back on the East Coast, meeting his family, and starting to plan our future together. We didn’t leave each other’s side for weeks."

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For his part, Jim Edmonds scoffed at the notion that his ex was walking down the aisle again.

“She called me to tell me she was getting married. It was the first I heard anything about it," the former professional baseball player told The Dail Mail this past autumn.

"I thought it was a joke – they’d been dating for about four weeks!

"I wondered, ‘Is she pregnant?’ But is it even possible to know that just four weeks after the first date?”

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King was previously married to lawyer Brad McDill from 2007 to 2011 and to Jim from 2014 to 2019.

Her and Edmonds’ divorce was finalized in May.