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Just a year ago, Meghan King’s divorce from Jim Edmonds and the ugly fallout was dominating her life.

The The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has moved on from the mess that played out in tabloids.

Just last month, she unveiled her new love, going Instagram official with Cuffe Owens.

Notably, Cuffe is President Biden’s nephew. He is also now Meghan’s husband!!

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On Monday, October 11, Meghan King married Cuffe Owens — just in time for cuffing season. (Sorry!)

The two tied the knot in a small, family wedding that took place at Cuffe’s childhood home.

The nuptials in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania were attended by the groom’s uncle, President Joe Biden, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

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Meghan King Owens spoke to to Brides Magazine in an interview that was published on the day of the wedding.

"Our wedding was about two things for us," she shared.

"Our love for and commitment to each other," Meghan listed, "and our family."

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"Each of our families," Meghan added.

"And," she continued, "the new very large and very tight family that we were bonding together by getting married."

Meghan concluded her statement: "That’s it."

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She shared that choosing her wardrobe was a challenge — an experience mirrored by many brides.

“I bought thousands of dollars worth of dresses online," Meghan admitted.

She tried "everything from traditional gowns to cocktail dresses off the rack."

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"And, breaking from tradition, I tried all of them on for Cuffe to see,” Meghan shared.

“We both found ourselves getting caught up in expectations of tradition with the dress," she explained.

This, Meghan detailed was "when I just decided to wear what felt most like ‘me.’”

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The result was that she wore an ivory blazer dress.

She’s right — it absolutely fit her vibe as a person.

Meghan shared that she ended up rounding out the look with “classic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump in my favorite color, blue.”

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As for how they met, Meghan and Cuffe met on a dating app.

The 37-year-old Housewife and the 42-year-old attorney "texted for a day or two."

But as they realized how compatible they were, their flirtations escalated into a whirlwind romance.

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“[We] then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke,” Meghan confessed.

“By the time that call ended," she revealed, "Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in about eight hours."

That visit clearly went extremely well.

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"Within a week, we were back on the East Coast," Meghan shared.

She spent time "meeting his family, and starting to plan our future together."

Meghan detailed: "We didn’t leave each other’s side for weeks.”

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The plans for the actual wedding came very naturally.

Cuffe’s family home was a natural venue for a small family gathering.

October 11 is also his parents’ wedding anniversary.

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“We both knew exactly what we were going to do, where we were going to do it, and how we were going to do it,” Meghan explained.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see eye-to-eye with each other as we do," she gushed.

That is a key component of working together as a couple.

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Cuffe’s mother is Valerie Biden Owens, and is a younger sister to President Biden.

The White House confirmed that the President and First Lady would be attending the ceremony before it took place.

Congratulations to Meghan and to Cuffe!