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Jenelle Evans and David Eason have both been unemployed for over two years, and it’s not clear how they manage to put food on the table for the three children who live with them, all while paying child support to their other two kids, both of whom have been rescued by our nation’s family court system.

It’s important ot bear this in mind for two reasons:

1. All the time Jenelle devotes to stirring up pointless drama on the internet is time she could be filling out job applications or working on getting her son back.

2. When critics suggest that Jenelle might find more productive uses for her time than guzzling midday White Claws and practicing TikTok dances, they’re often doing so from a place of real concern for her children.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

So while some folks might enjoy laughing at the endless circus sideshow that Jenelle calls a life, others experience a sense of mounting anxiety when they look at the ever-worsening on the Land.

Take this week’s insanity for example:

There are some funny aspects to this story, like the part where Jenelle claims she’s sober.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

But there’s also sadness bordering on tragedy here, much of it having to do with Jenelle’s continued insistence on publicly harassing David’s baby mama Olivia Leedham and her son, Kaden.

As usual, Evans kicked things off by vaguely hinting at some custody drama on social media.

“If anyone is a good custody lawyer around the Wilmington, NC, please send me suggestions. Thanks!” she posted on her Instagram Stories.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

“I need serious lawyers. The ones we’ve contacted do not return any calls.”

We wonder why no lawyers would want to work with Jenelle!

It couldn’t be the decade-long history of bigotry, violence, and child and animal abuse!

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Anyway, back in 2019, fans raised money for Olivia’s legal fees via GoFundMe.

That development was probably a painful one for Jenelle, as it served as quantifiable evidence that her husband’s ex is much more well-liked than her.

Not surprisingly, that turn of events is still weighing heavily on Jenelle’s mind, which is probably why she baselessly implied this week that Leedham spent the $6,000 on breast implants.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

“Instead of using that money for custody court you got yourself a boob job. Wow, you played everyone on the Internet," Jenelle tweeted, as first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“Can’t wait to tell your son one day," Evans added, in a tweet that was deleted just minutes later.

Olivia responded to the allegations and confirmed what everyone already knew — namely, that Jenelle is a pathological liar.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

“Absolutely not! I have a conscious [sic]! I am the most honest and blunt person you’ll ever meet!" she wrote.

"All the money that was raised went straight to my attorney for him to hold and use for our case for Kaden.”

Olivia might be too mature to stoop to Jenelle’s level, but thankfully, a lot of other people pointed out that Jenelle is not one to talk.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

“Instead of using all your money on heroin you could have been getting custody of your son. Drugs or boobs? Boobs win!” one person tweeted.

“I swear if you do drugs for 3 months of your whole life people will try and use it against you forever,” Jenelle replied.

“There’s a pending case going on. You’re an idiot. But I’m not talking about my custody case.”

Jenelle Is Injured

Now, the drugs that Jenelle uses these days (booze, weed, a panoply of painkillers) are surely less harmful than shooting heroin, but c’mon, lady — you definitely still do drugs!

In fact if Jenelle’s tipsy TikToks are any indication, she still gets at least mildly effed up on a daily basis.

Again, that’s leaps and bounds better than nodding off with a needle in your arm, especially when you have kids to take care of.

Jenelle and David Are Day-Drinking

But it ain’t sobriety.

From there, Jenelle addressed the fact that she’s never had custody if her eldest son, Jace, insisting that the arrangement has nothing to do with her substance abuse.

“I gave my mom temp. custody when I was 17…it had nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with being a fearful little girl [who] felt like I would lose if I fought against my mom,” she tweeted. 

Jenelle & Jace on TikTok

As many replies to the tweet pointed out, Jenelle’s youngest daughter, Ensley, was born with THC in her system, so the claim that Jenelle has been drug-free since her teen years is patently untrue.

So yeah — in summation, Jenelle is still lying, still on drugs, still unemployed, and still entertaining herself by picking fights on social media.

In these uncertain times, it’s somewhat of a comfort to know that some things never change!