Jenelle Evans Gets Canceled on TikTok: Did She Really Encourage Her Kids to Do Drugs?

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Jenelle Evans has done so many atrocious things over the years that it would be impossible for us to list them all.

Neglecting children, abusing animals, condoning racism and homophobia, inhaling every drug under the sun ...

You name a deplorable activity and Jenelle has engaged in it. Usually on camera.

Evans, Eason, and Ensley

And now, it seems that she's found a way to condone two of her favorite activities -- drug use and child endangerment!

The latest well-deserved Jenelle pile-on began innocently enough with a home hygiene lesson.

These days, social media is Evans' sole source of income, so she frequently promotes products in exchange for a check.

Jenelle Is Injured

Of course, these days, very few companies are willing to work with Jenelle (turns our child abuse and bigotry aren't great for your professioanl reputation), so she's forced to shill for increasingly questionable brands.

This week, Evans encouraged her TikTok followers to stick a freakin' candle in their ear and light it on fire as a means of removing ear wax.

Jenelle got paid, but she also got roasted by commenters who pointed out that earwax candles are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

Jenelle's Ear Candle

"Don't use these, they're bad for you," one follower commented.

"Hate to break it to you JE but those things are actually terrible for you," another added.

"These have been proven time and time again as a sham," a third chimed in.

Jenelle Is In the Hospital

"Just burn one without putting it in your ear and you get the same waxy residue. They don't work and they can actually be harmful," yet another commenter pointed out.

Several users linked to a WebMD article about the dangers of earwax candles.

"Candle wax may even drip into your ear canal, clog the passage, and make you lose your hearing for a while," the site reports.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

"There are also reports of punctured eardrums after the candling process."

So yeah, Jenelle is promoting an unsafe practice on her TikTok page, but there's really nothing new about that.

In fact, this week's scrutiny called attention to the fact that she's been guilty of even more irresponsible posts than usual in recent weeks.

Ensley Eason Wears Pot Leaf Socks

Take, for example, this photo of Jenelle's daughter Ensley, who's sporting a pair of her mom's pot leaf socks.

Now, coming from a more responsible parent who's raised her kids in a more stable environment, this would actually be funny.

But given the fact that Jenelle smoked weed while she was pregnant, and Ensley was born with THC in her system, this joke is less hilarious than Jenelle thinks it is.

Jenelle With Ensley on Insta

Also, there was a time -- not all that long ago -- when Jenelle was a full-blown heroin addict.

And despite her history of addiction, Evans still drinks and uses drugs, usually at home.

That's her decision to make, but the combination of these factors means that Jenelle's kids are far more likely than other kids to experience substance abuse issues in adolescence and adulthood.

Ensley Eats

That likelihood is increased by the fact that they're growing up in such a chaotic environment that Jenelle lost custpody of her kids in 2019 and had to go to court in order to regain the right to have them live with her.

In summary, Jenelle's not a bad mom because her kid put on a pair of weed leaf socks.

But the fact that she's a bad mom means she probably shouldn't be so cavalier about such things.

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