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You may not believe this, readers, but some folks out there think Jenelle Evans may not be the most responsible mother on the planet.

We know, right?

What a crazy notion!

What possibly could be prompting people to make such an assumption at the moment?

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

We mean…. David Eason hasn’t killed a dog in cold blood in, like, two years.

So animal cruelty and the major prevalence of guns around Jenelle’s North Carolina home can’t be blamed for this notion, not like the time a couple summers ago when Evans actually lost custody of her kids for about a month.

This time around, the following screen capture can sum up why Jenelle and David are once again in scalding hot water as parents.

The photo below was taken from a TikTok video Eason recently shared online, in which the violent racist gave followers an up close look at the walls of his house.

Eason claimed the brown smudges featured in his footage were from mud, but some viewers believe otherwise.

They suspect they’re actually looking at feces.

“This is absolutely terrifying,” one Reddit commenter said in response.

“First of all, how those kids were allowed to be left unsupervised for that long, that many times, that they were able to do this astounds me… I’m honestly scared for those kids.”

Photo via TikTok

Even if it’s NOT pool smeared all over the walls in Eason’s video, one has to wonder why there is mud all around.

Do the children just come in and wipe themselves all over the house?

Do they not get regularly bathed?

As is so often the case, one can’t help but ponder all the frightening possibilities here, all the ways in which Eason and/or Evans may be neglecting their young children.

Jenelle Swims With Ensley

Just a week ago, Evans deleted her own TikTok video because critics got on her case for seemingly endangering her four-year old daughter via firework usage.

“Oh wow is right. This is scary,” another Reddit user added after viewing Eason’s latest video.

“He’s trying to pass it off as quirky and creative but his tone is terrifying.

"As many have said, this isn’t a moment of naughty kids — this is severe neglect. Those kids are not supervised at all, ever.”

Photo via Instagram

Eason was fired by MTV in 2017 for making homophobic remarks.

Evans was fired a year later for the whole dog-killing incident, which resulted in Child Protective Services taking her kids away for several weeks.

The controversial couple has one child together, daughter Ensley, and they each have two children from other relationships.

Evans’ oldest son, 11-year-old Jace, is from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis; while her middle son, 7-year-old Kaiser, is from her relationship with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith.

Evans previously announced Kaiser was spending the summer with his father this year..

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage
Photo via Instagram

Eason, meanwhile, is the dad to 13-year-old Maryssa — who lives with him — and 7-year-old Kaden from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Olivia Leedham.

“Do you have some future artists living in your home and they’re practicing all over your walls?” he said at the beginning of the three-minute TikTok video.

“And not only are they practicing art, but they’re also practicing finger painting with mud — whatever that is — some of these marks."

“It’s all in good fun. It’s just all fun to them, apparently.

"But you know what, I think this is the start of something really great. If they can do this, man, they can do anything."

Photo via Facebook

We’re all for supporting your kids and all.

But, no, David.

If a son or daughter can smear mud all over a wall, that does not mean he or she can do anything.