Jenelle Evans Attacks David Eason's Ex: I'll Destroy You, B-tch!

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Earlier today, we reported that David Eason's former girlfriend, Olivia Leedham, has started a GoFundMe to help pay for her ongoing custody battle against David Eason.

At the time, we predicted the situation would soon turn very ugly.

But even we couldn't have predicted it would get this nasty this fast.

Jenelle is now on the offensive.

Evans has repeatedly slammed Olivia in epic-length Facebook tirades, and she and David have now launched a GoFundMe of their own to help pay for their legal battle against Leedham.

It's an incredible mess, even by Jenelle Evans standards.

Here's everything you need to know about this rapidly escalating situation:

1. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
Jenelle Evans is always angry, but today, she's even more irrationally pissed off than usual.

2. It's War

It's War
As we reported earlier, David Eason is locked in a bitter legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Leedham, over custody of his 5-year-old son, Kaden.

3. The Forgotten Son

The Forgotten Son
David has had very little contact with Kaden throughout the boy's life. In fact, for several years, he was prohibited from contacting the boy through court order.

4. Big Mistake

Big Mistake
David has been arrested for violating the order, and for some reason, Olivia decided to have it lifted in 2016.

5. Not a Good Guy

Not a Good Guy
She then asked the court to once again bar David from any contact with Kaden, citing the former MTV star's long history of abuse and addiction.

6. The Fight Is On

The Fight Is On
Now, David has decided he wants custody of Kaden. This, despite the fact that he recently lost custody of his other kids after a judge determined he was incapable of providing a safe environment for them.

7. One Bad Dad

One Bad Dad
Perhaps emboldened by winning the right to raise MOST of their kids, Jenelle and David have decided to come for Olivia. And she's asking for the public's help in her upcoming battle.

8. Olivia's Plea

Olivia's Plea
Leedham has launched a GoFundMe to help pay for her legal battle, and she makes a very strong case for the importance of keeping her son away from his unhinged father.

9. A Destructive Presence

A Destructive Presence
"When it comes to Kaden’s father, David Eason. I am sincerely concerned about my child being around someone who is extremely volatile,” she writes. “Domestic violence including 911 calls, animal cruelty in which case a dog was beaten and shot, and much more has all been mentioned to of happened at the Eason home

10. On Her Way!

On Her Way!
Olivia has already raised a considerable sum of money, and will certainly reach her $5,000 goal by the end of the day.

11. Of Course

Of Course
So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Jenelle and David are now devoting most of their time and energy to attacking Olivia on multiple fronts.

12. Her Usual Move

Her Usual Move
First, in the cowardly fashion she's known for, Jenelle attempted to get Olivia fired by posting negative comments on her employer's Facebook page.

13. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
Then, things really got ridiculous, as she and David posted a GoFundMe to raise money for HIS legal fees.

14. So Which Is It?

So Which Is It?
Mind you, this is the same Jenelle and David who are always telling us how rich they are. But we digress ...

15. Not Going So Well

Not Going So Well
Thus far, David and Jenelle have raised only $55, including a $5 donation from someone who goes by the name "Dog Killer."

16. Burn!

As you can see, Dog Killer didn't hold back in the comments section.

17. Pleading His Case

Pleading His Case
In asking for money from fans, David pled his case in hilarious fashion.

18. Nothing Is Ever His Fault

Nothing Is Ever His Fault
"My son Kaden has been in/out of my life since the day he was born, never my fault," he began.

19. Correction: Jenelle Pays Your Child Support

Correction: Jenelle Pays Your Child Support
"My ex is holding me back from seeing my son under every and any circumstance for no legit reason," he continued. "I pay my child support which is an insane amount and very unfair."

20. LOL at "My Local Business"

LOL at "My Local Business"
"I recently started my local business and my ex has made up so many rumors that now it’s hard for myself to make any money or even have a job," he added. "I paid so much in attorney fees already for everything my ex has put me through."

21. True Hilarity

True Hilarity
For the record, David's "business" is his online shop where he sells bracelets and other crap that kids make at camp.

22. Back to the Plea For Money

Back to the Plea For Money
"She’s falsely charged me and everything has been dropped," Eason informs his potential donors. "She filed a no contact order just to keep me from seeing my son by law."

23. Well, He Is An Expert on Unstable Homes

Well, He Is An Expert on Unstable Homes
"My son has constantly changed addresses since he’s been born every couple of months," David whines on. "I’m never 'allowed' to know the address. His mother is in a new relationship every couple of months as well and has Kaden call every man 'daddy'."

24. Whose Fault Is That?

Whose Fault Is That?
"My son is very confused and doesn’t know who his daddy is," Eason continues.

25. Pot, Meet Kettle

Pot, Meet Kettle
"His mother is an excessive alcohol drinker and abuses adderall frequently," David writes. "She’s been to AA before to get the help she needed but then stopped going."

26. Seriously?

As many have pointed out, David frequently boasts about his own booze intake and has admitted to taking Adderall without a prescription.

27. Waaaah!

"It’s very hard to maintain the life we live with all the false information being spread around about myself and being a well-known public figure," David concludes. "I would appreciate all the help and support I can get just to obtain full custody or visitation rights. I’m also looking into a lawsuit to file."

28. Sad David

Sad David
Yes, David really wants you to feel bad for him and give him money because he's famous. You can't make this stuff up.

29. Jenelle Jumps In

Jenelle Jumps In
Naturally, Jenelle felt the need to chime in and throw a ton of shade, as well.

30. Is That the Best She Can Do?

Is That the Best She Can Do?
"We've had arguments at times that went public and dealth with family issues BUT through all of this he has ALWAYS been a great and stable father," Jenelle lamely wrote in David's defense.

31. Come Again?

Come Again?
The nonsensical word salad continues, as Evans writes, "When I first met David I couldn't believe how hard of a worker he truly was and be able to be the first guy I witnessed to take care of his daughter on his own."

32. Reminder:

This is the same Jenelle who once said her greatest strength is "being well-spoken," by the way.

33. Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness
Evans goes on to detail the many, many times that David got back together with Olivia despite how frequently she cheated on him and "smoked marijuana with other men" while he was sleeping.

34. Sigh...

Jenelle seems to have forgotten just how much we know about her life.

35. These People

These People
Yes, Jenelle and David BOTH dragged Olivia for drinking and doing drugs ... despite the fact that they both drink and do drugs!

36. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
Like we said, this situation went from ugly to EXTREMELY ugly in record time. And it's certain to get worse. We'll continue to monitor it and keep you posted.

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