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Folks, we take no pleasure in defending Jenelle Evans.

But we were forced to do exactly that earlier this week when fans speculated that Jenelle was pregnant in the comments for one of her TikTok videos.

We felt the need to step in, as regardless of how repugnant Jenelle’s behavior might be, there’s simply no reason to engage in bullying or body-shaming on her social media pages.

Fortunately, Jenelle’s response to the situation was completely over-the-top and ridiculous, so now we can get right back to roasting her for legitimate reasons.

Jenelle Evans Responds to Rumors That She's Pregnant With Baby #4

Evans is a big fan of lip synching over other people’s audio in her TikTok videos.

We think it’s because that feature allows her to talk a big game while at the same time maintaining plausible deniability in case anyone calls her out.

The clip in question showed Jenelle dancing in her backyard in the company of one of her children, an activity she somehow finds time for every day.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

"Pregnant again," one follower wrote.

Several fans quickly jumped to Jenelle’s defense calling the commenter out for a comment that was way over the line.

“She’s had three kids. There are a lot of things you can dislike her for, her body isn’t one of them,” one commenter wrote.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

“Definitely doesn’t look pregnant but you sound mad," another added.

The situation seemed more or less settled at that point, but because Jenelle lives for petty internet drama she dredged it up again in her very nexr video.

"Um, no dirty – that’s what a natural body looks like, and if you don’t like it, close your eyes and don’t open them again," she lip-synced over audio from a different user.

Photo via Instagram

"Next time you breathe, don’t," she concluded.

Now, to us, Jenelle’s biggest crime here is combing through TikTok in search of a decent clapback and settling on one that’s actually quite lame.

But some folks believe she did something much more sinister and encouraged a random commenter to commit suicide.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

Obviously, the joke was corny, immature, and unnecessary.

But it did it veer into deeply problematic territory, or was it just more of Jenelle’s usual cringe-content?

We suppose that’s a question for her followers and the TikTok admins to answer.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

We’re gonna fall on the side of free speech with this one and suggest that Jenelle was being her usual impulsive, irritable, petty self and didn’t actually intend any harm to the commenter.

Of course, we’re probably being too generous, and if there’s anyone who doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, it’s Jenelle.

And that, folks, is the problem with making fun of Jenelle for all the wrong reasons — you force all decent and reasonable people to come to her defense.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

This woman is a bigot, an abuser of children and animals, and an enabler of her husband’s abuse.

Jenelle Evans told the world that her children are afraid of David Eason, and then put them at risk by getting back together with the man.

So yeah, there’s a whole lot there that she can and should be roasted for.

And that means there’s really no need to resort to body-shaming.