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It’s been a big month for the Sister Wives, huh?!

At long last, after years and years of speculation and rumors, one of the wives has actually left Kody Brown.

Kody Brown, Angry Again

Was it Meri, who has been disconnected from Kody for so long that in a recent season she even said that her relationship with him was "dead and over"?

Was it Janelle, who hasn’t seemed to share a romantic connection with him basically ever and who seems perfectly content on her own?

Was it Robyn … no, just kidding, we all know that Robyn wouldn’t leave.

Nope, the first wife to break free was Christine, who recently packed up and moved to an entirely different state.

Photo via Instagram

We’ve all seen this coming for a while — the family became deeply unhappy after the move from Las Vegas to Arizona, and even though Kody really pushed for one big home for them all to share, most of them outright refused to even entertain the idea.

Instead, they planned to build separate properties on one chunk of land, but that hasn’t happened yet either.

So for a while now they’ve all lived in individual homes spread across one city, and a common complaint last season was that Kody spent the vast majority of his time at Robyn’s home.

Meanwhile, Christine had been inquiring here and there about the possibility of a move back to their original home state of Utah — she’s been bringing it up for a while now, ever since polygamy was decriminalized there.

Christine Brown in Autumn

She was shut down every time, and that, along with Kody’s inability to spend time with any wife besides Robyn, deeply troubled her.

She was so upset that at one point last season, she said "I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore."

And it looks like she wasn’t lying!

This month, we learned that Christine has moved away from Arizona and back to Utah, just like she wanted.

Christine Brown on Her Insta

She sold the house in Arizona and now lists her address as a residence in Murray, Utah.

It makes a lot of sense why she’d want to make the move — she has adult children that have made homes in Utah, including Mykelti, who has Christine’s first grandchild.

Her parents live in Utah as well, and she’s said that her father is sick and that it’s important to her to be able to spend more time with him.

And also, as sad as it is, what’s really left for her in Arizona anyway?

Judging by her latest Instagram post, it sounds like Christine feels the same way!

Christine Brown Happy in Utah
Photo via Instagram

Along with this pretty new photo of herself, she wrote "Fall is proof that change is beautiful. It reminds me of the health changes I made for myself."

In addition to making such a huge change in moving states, she’s also visibly lost quite a bit of weight over the past year or two, and the rest of the post refers to those physical changes.

"My body desperately needed balance and these products I’ve been sharing about have been doing just that," she wrote.

She goes on about the products she’s been using to help her lose weight, and it does seem to be yet another Sister Wives MLM scheme, so that’s unfortunate.

Photo via TLC

But all of the wives are aware of the power of social media, and we have a hard time believing that Christine would share a photo of herself alone and write a caption about how "change is beautiful" without knowing that people would read more into it.

Her move has been the biggest piece of Sister Wives news in a while, so we definitely believe there’s a bit of a hidden message in there.

What do you think of Christine’s move?