Sister Wives Fans to Meri and Christine Brown: How Dare You Work for LuLaRoe?!?

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Meri Brown is a cast member on the TLC reality show Sister Wives.

But that's practically her part-time job at this point.

When she isn't filming episodes (which is a majority of the time), Meri is an active seller for the company LuLaRoe, hosting Facebook Live sessions and shilling for the clothing company.

The same clothing company that is now coming under INTENSE fire in the wake of a revealing documentary.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown Photo

Titled LuLaRich, the four-part film is currently airing on Amazon.

It takes aim at the entire concepts of multilevel marketing (MLM) companies because they prey on lower-tier employees who must pay a certain fee simply to become a salesperson.

This fee is paid in order for the employees to be given various pieces of apparell to sell -- it goes directly to those in upper management, and if the employee fails to sell the apparell?

He or she is simply out thousands of dollars.

Meri Brown in a Large Hat

Hence why critics refer to businesses such as LuLaRoe as pyramid schemes.

"(LuLaRoe) was tailored to and sold to a lot of women who are stay-at-home mothers (which is) a very isolating experience in this country, unfortunately," explains Julia Willoughby Nason, who co-directed documentary with Jenner Furst.

"People are so attracted to joining the company because they get to have friends, they get to have a community, and at the same time, they can have autonomy and make an income."

Sure sounds a lot like Meri Brown, doesn't it?

Meri Brown in Cancun

Meri has been an outspoken advocate of LuLaRoe for years.

In 2020, Christine came on board, selling articles of clothing for the brand because she needed money.

Now, many Sister Wives fans -- after learning horrid details of just how this company operates -- are reacting with disgust to Meri and Christine's involvement.

Christine Brown on Her Insta

"It seems like they, especially Meri, are top earners which means they probably have significant's super exploitative and they're just using their fame to sucker people into keeping them rich," wrote one person this week via Reddit.

"They could have definitely funneled all of their fame into figuring out some sort of legitimate business instead."

That's the thing:

Lower-level sellers are essentially forking over cash to Meri, and are then left on their own to move inventory.

Christine Brown on the Deck

Very often, they cannot do so -- and the result is financial ruin.

Wrote another social media user of the Browns: “They’re lying, scheming and taking advantage of other people. They’re awful.”

A third chimed in as follows:

“Meri just seems so desperate to belong to something and be someone, and that’s how LLR suckered her in."

Meri Brown in Mexico

Neither Meri nor Christine has responded to this criticism, or to the documentary in general.

But the former just returned last week from a trip to Cancun that was sponsored by LuLaRoe, gushing over the experience on Instagram as follows:

The people I've met, both within the sisterhood (and brotherhood) of our retailer community, and in my personal community of friends and LuLaRoe lovers, have enriched my life by bringing happiness on sad days, kindness and compassion when I needed it, encouragement, wisdom, and friendship. I can only hope I've had something to offer them as well.

Meri Brown is Brave

I feel blessed and honored to be part of group of people dedicated to kindness, inclusivity, lifting each other up, and being a shining light.

Some would argue, however, that Meri has only benefitted in this fashion off the sweat and hard work of others... who are far worse off than she is.

Meri Brown Has Pride

Concluded Brown:

I am forever grateful for the past five years of my life.

The friends and team mates I've met along the way.

And looking forward to what lies ahead, the people I will meet, the lives that may be changed, and the friendships that will be created.

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