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It’s been three years now.

It’s been three years since Kody Brown uprooted his family from Utah to Arizona, settling in Flagstaff because his native state was threatening at the time to put the reality star and his spouses in jail for living a polygamous lifestyle.

It was a major move, but it was also a calculated one.


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Because Kody purchased a large parcel of land in an area known as Coyote Pass.

He was maybe gonna build one giant mansion there for all members of his large famiily… or perhaps gonna build four separate homes across the acreage.

Either way, though:

Kody was gonna build there. That was obviously the point of shelling out $820,000 for the land.

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And yet, as noted above: It’s been three years.

As we’ve detailed before, there’s been no progress made at Coyote Pass at all. Like, none whatsoever.

This stunning fact has become relevant again because Janelle’s house has been sold.

She had been renting it for awhile and then the owner put it on the market and then he quickly accepted an offer last week and it’s unclear where Janelle will live once the new residents move in.

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At this point Coyote Pass remains barren and useless, which must be frustrating for Kody’s wives for multiple reasons.

ONE, they can’t actualy settle down there.

TWO, they also own some of that land!

According to property records, there are two small parcels of land and two larger pieces of land that comprise Coyote Pass; Kody is part-owner of all four segments.

Meet The Sister Wives

What about the Sister Wives?

The first parcel of land previously cited is 2.42 acres and owned by Kody and Janelle. They paid $170,000 for it.

There’s another 2.42-acre-sized lot and it’s owned by Robyn and Kody, who also paid $170,000.

Meri, meanwhile, actually has a bigger piece of land, measuring an impressive 4.48 acres, although she shares it with Kody and Janelle, with the trio paying $180,000 to buy it.

Finally, Christine owns a plot of 5.16 acres that set her back $300,000.

Robyn, Kody and Meri
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At the moment, these are alll sunk costs.

Janelle will probably need to seek out a new home to rent, which will mean further financial problems for the Browns.

Perhaps most disturbing of all as the family stares down these real estate expenses?

As they juggle all these houses and all this land and remain unsure of what to do or where to go in the long run?

Kody Brown on Season 10

Sister Wives may be canceled.

If TLC really does pull the plug, the Browns will have no steady source of income.

On the bright and hopeful side, however?

Maybe Meri, Christine, Robyn and Janelle will then finally realize there’s no point in sticking by Kody and at last get up the courage to leave his sorry and selfish a$$.