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Bravo has delayed and delayed even filming a Reunion for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

With news of RHONY being "paused" until next year, some wondered if there would be no Reunion at all.

But Bravo isn’t washing their hands of a controversial season … there was just a delay.

The Reunion will be filmed this month, but production is worried about how the Housewives will act when they face off again.

RHONY Midseason 13 Promo

An inside source close to RHONY production tells People that the Season 13 will be filmed "soon."

The Reunion will film within the coming weeks (at the latest, in early October) and will be in-person.

The Season 12 Reunion was also recorded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so this year will follow a similar format.

Photo via Bravo

Production has not yet decided on a location for the taping, but the clock is ticking.

Eboni K. Williams, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney, and Sonja Morgan are all expected to participate.

This report only confirms what fans had already heard from Eboni herself.

Photo via Instagram

Just last month, as Eboni reflected upon her tumultuous first season, she confirmed that it would be filmed.

"I was told a time. I was told that we’re having a reunion," Eboni confirmed.

She added that, as is custom, "I was told what to wear to said reunion."

Producers were reportedly concerned about exactly what things would be like with the Housewives in the same (large) room again.

It has been a while — months, in fact — since they were together.

A lot of tension has played out and even become worse since they filmed Season 13.

"But drama is such a good thing for reality TV," you think — and you’re right. But only up to a point.

Memorable moments, pulling out receipts, memes, even some outlandish screaming or insults can fuel a show.

But if it comes off looking like a contentious s–tstorm, that could do lasting damage to the show and the network.

Photo via Bravo

‘The division had run so deep among the cast," the insider described.

The source continued "that we were worried that this would be an absolute dumpster fire."

It could be a disaster "that would look horrendous for each of the women and the network."

Leah McSweeney and Luann de Lesseps Get Awkward

As for getting the Housewives to even agree to sit down for the Reunion, well, that was a little simpler.

Money opens a lot of doors.

Those Bravo paychecks are weighty, and the Housewives aren’t likely to turn down that kind of money for one (long) day’s work.

Photo via Bravo

‘”I think this works out well for the cast as they are paid per episode,” a second insider suggested

“By holding a reunion the newer cast will make upwards of $10,000," the source added.

The insider noted: "while the OGs will be pulling in over six figures.”

Eboni K. Williams Preps for WWHL

Eboni is the first Black Housewife in the history of this particular show.

A combination of production’s requests and tumultuous real-world events led her to help educate some of her almost unbelievably ignorant castmates.

(Seriously, Luann had never heard of the "angry Black woman" stereotype?)

Unfortunately, some bad faith commentators and some white fragility among viewers has led to her being blamed for Season 13’s issues.

Folks, Season 13 filmed during COVID-19, with most of New York City effectively unavailable for filming.

Eboni is a positive addition to the show, even if the season was less than ideal.

Eboni K. Williams Picture

However, the show will be on a hiatus until 2022, when the hope is that the show can continue for a less bumpy comeback.

While it sounds like false hope to say that perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic will have abated by then, it sure would be nice, right?

Andy has indicated that he’s not interested in firing Housewives right now, but in perhaps rounding out the cast.