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Duane Chapman, best known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to television fans, is once again a married man.

On Thursday, September 2, the 68-year-old reality star exchanged vows with Francie Frane, the first woman he dated after the tragic death of his long-time wife, Beth, from cancer.

The wedding came amid many months of major family drama, most notably a public rift between Duane and his daughter, Bonnie, who took issue with her dad moving on so quickly after her mother passed away.


"Francie and I are thrilled to be husband and wife," Chapman told E! News in a statement. "We appreciate all the prayers and well-wishes."

In August, Chapman’s daughters, Cecily and Bonnie, told TMZ that they were not invited to the wedding.

Later, Bonnie jumped on Facebook to further explain her ongoing feud with her father, citing a dispute over her decision to participate in Black Lives Matter protests — while accusing her dad of racism.

Chapman very recently admitted to the use of the N-Word, but said he thought he could get away with it because he had many Black friends.

Duane and Wife

"Bonnie’s allegations are false and a misguided attempt to derail our wedding," the reality star’s rep said in a statement this summer, while Dog himself added:

"Despite the sadness we feel at this rift in our family, Francie and I are looking forward to celebrating our wedding next week with the rest of our family and close friends."

Just ahead of her big day, Francie spoke to Entertainment Tonight and acknowledged the unfortunate family feud as follows:

"We’ve been through hell, him and I, in the past three years and I am not going to allow our day to be ruined by this nonsense."

Duane Chapman and Francie Frane on a Walk
Photo via Instagram

Champman and Frane publicly revealed their relationship in March 2020… almost 10 months after Beth Chapman — who was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in 2017 — died at the age of 51.

The couple then got engaged in May 2020.

Shortly after the newlyweds began dating, Dog wrote on Instagram that he was finally feeling like himself again.

"I scream & Cry Beth where are you why did you leave me," he wrote of Beth at the time.

"Then I look up & see you Francie & the pain turns to a smile I LOVE YOU WOMAN !!"

Duane Chapman and  Late Wife
Photo via Instagram

By May of that same year, they were engaged… much to the shock of those close to Chapman.

However, the famous bounty hunter said back then that the pair bonded over grief and over each losing partners to cancer.

"So we hopped on the phone, started talking to each other, crying and consoling each other and then one thing led to another and it’s just incredible that I’ve been able to meet someone like her," Dog told TMZ Live in May 2020.

"With Francie, I’m allowed to speak about Beth, we speak about her husband. We cry. We hold each other."

Photo via FOX

Now that they are husband and wife?

"I feel very excited and I’m very blessed," he said while standing outside his wedding venue, according to Fox News.

"There’s no words to say how much I love Francie – I told her this the other day – and there’s no words to say how excited I am.

"I feel like they’re pulling up a brand new motorcycle for me tomorrow."