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Nathan Griffith has been back in the news this week, and as you might have guessed, it’s not because of his groundbreaking research in the field of molecular biology.

No, it’s just more of Nathan trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by talking about his stint as a reality TV pseudo-star —  which ended back in 2019.

Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2 freakin’ forever ago, so maybe Nathan is finally coming around to the fact that his MTV days are 100 percent behind him.

Whatever the case, he’s resorting to the last refuge of the washed-up reality has-been:

Nathan Griffith Has Something to Say
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Nathan is lashing out at the show that made him famous and claiming that he’s really a stand-up guy who’s been the victim of a "bad edit."

“How they wanted to portray me as a person, isn’t who I really am, and it made my life so difficult because of it,” Nathan recently told The Sun, as reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“Because I was this gym jockey, they had to make me look stupid,”

Nathan Griffith Wears a Hat

Nathan says the situation was so bad that it’s been messing up his career prospects ever since.

“I lost two modeling contracts, one with Jockey and one with 2(X)IST,” Nathan said.

“They both came back to me and said that due to the ‘potential negative publicity’ we cannot move forward with your contract right now."

Nathan Griffith Talking

Not only that, it seems that Nathan’s reputation for being a mess was so bad that it cost him some friends in (relatively) high places.

“I used to work out with cops, politicians, lawyers, but because of the media, I’ve lost a lot of friends and my reputation,” Nathan told the outlet.

“I lived in Myrtle Beach for seven or eight years and I was never in trouble once before I met Jenelle Evans. And it’s not because of Jenelle Evans, it’s because reality TV puts this stigma on a these celebrities.”

Nathan Griffith Profile Pic
Photo via Twitter

As The Ashley points out, the loss of those friendships could have to do with the fact that Griffith has been arrested several times over the past five years.

But we can see why Nathan would prefer to point the finger at the producers.

“They want to show the struggles of these moms, but they don’t care about what they do to the fathers, or the siblings or anything really- as long as they can show what these moms are going through,” Nathan said. 

Nathan Griffith and Kaiser Smiles
Photo via Twitter

Griffith also says that he was unfairly targeted by law enforcement during his relationship with Jenelle.

And bizarrely, he says the incidents in which he ran afoul of law enforcement — such as when he was charged with resisting arrest — are the result of his military training.

“I was dating Jenelle and I was in the spotlight. I would get pulled over all the time,” Nathan said.

Nathan Griffith & Kaiser Image
Photo via Instagram

“I would feel threatened, and any military man out there would feel this way, when someone has a gun, your life feels threatened. Especially when the cop puts his hand on the gun- it’s fight or flight.” 

Just a guess, but the men and women of the US military would probably prefer that Nathan Griffith not speak on their behalf.

Of course, if any of them follow him on social media, then they probably know playing the victim and saying unbelievably moronic things are just parts of his daily routine.

Nathan Griffith: Racism Doesn't Exist! Trust Me, I'm a Genius!

"I don’t care whether you think I’m white or not," he told fans in the video above, posted last year.

"I’ve been oppressed just because I was on MTV."

We’re gonna give Nathan the benefit of the doubt here and just assume he doesn’t know what "oppressed" means.

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough
Photo via Twitter

Anyway, all this negativity comes as something of a surprise, as Nathan’s life appeared to have been on the upswing in recent weeks.

He’s even been getting along with his ex so well that he publicly credited David Eason for no longer beating Kaiser, Nathan’s son with Jenelle.

Yes, Nathan is still involved with the two messiest, most abusive bigots in the history of reality television — but he thinks it’s MTV’s fault that he never gets modeling gigs anymore.

It never ends with this guy.