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It’s rare that we’re surprised by any news coming from the soggy patch of fetid swampland that Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home.

Usually, it’s the same reports of drunken violence, animal abuse, child negligence, etc.

So you can imagine our shock when someone actually had something positive to say about Jenelle’s parenting.

Granted, the one doling out the praise is none other than Nathan Griffith, who’s quite a piece of work in his own right, but still — the guy actually said Jenelle has been acting like a mom!

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Yes, in a new interview with The Sun, Nathan revealed that he’s back on good terms with both David and Jenelle, with whom he shares 7-year-old son Kaiser.

“Jenelle is actually being a mother and she has been actively involving me in my son’s life,” Nathan told the outlet.. 

“Every time I go to their house, David has done nothing but respect me,” he added.

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“Maybe there is bad blood in our history — but I’m not going to let what happened in the past ruin what we have right now. I can’t complain."

It seems that Kaiser was essential in brokering this historic peace deal, as he informed Nathan that David has stopped making fun of him on a daily basis.

“The other day, Kaiser told me out of the blue, told me, ‘Daddy, do you know David likes you?’ I was shocked. David actually said that I was a good man," Griffith told The Sun.

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He added that David and Jenelle have “both been very, very respectful," and apparently, Griffith is over the moon about this unexpected turn of events.

“It’s awesome, I love it,” he said. 

That’s high praise, but it’s worth noting that Nathan sets the bar very, very low.

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Like, he basically dug a ditch and buried the bar in it.

This is the same guy who was once overjoyed about the fact that Eason had stopped beating his son.

We wish that were our idea of a disgusting joke, but this is something that actually happened — less than a year ago, in fact!

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“My son said he hasn’t been whipped by David for the last three months!” Nathan shared with the world in October of 2020.

“He said David doesn’t even whip him anymore!”  

If you ever find yourself wondering why so many people hate David, stop and imagine a scene in which 6-year-old Kaiser excitedly tells his father that his stepdad has stopped whipping him.

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As for the other incidents — the time David beat and killed the family dog in front of his kids, the child abuse claims that Jenelle herself made against her husband — well, it seems that Nathan can’t be bothered to care about those.

Currently, someone is feeding his son, and the house is sinking slowly enough that Kaiser should be able to continue living there for a while.

Apparently, if you’re Nathan, that’s enough.

And sadly, this guy is probably the closest thing to a decent adult in Kaiser’s world.