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This spring, the world learned that Ryan Edwards was fired from Teen Mom OG.

His whole family was given the boot alongside him, and to say that it was contentious is an understatement.

There was also no shortage of tension at the reunion.

Maci now confirms that she essentially has no real contact with Bentley’s paternal grandparents … at all.

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Maci Bookout spoke to In Touch Weekly about where things stand with her ex’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

“I don’t want to say we don’t have a relationship," Maci began.

She explained that this is "because we’ve obviously been in each other’s lives for so long."

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The current state of "no communication," Maci explained, happened after they drifted apart — following some on-screen drama.

“We haven’t really had any conversations or communication at all," she admitted.

Maci specified that this has been the state of things "since the reunion.”

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As we can all vividly recall, Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, squared off with Jen and Larry at the Season 9 Reunion.

The core issue was over visitation.

Maci’s 12-year-old son, Bentley, is Ryan’s son, and thus Jen and Larry are his grandparents.

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Bentley’s paternal grandparents had lamented not spending as much time with Bentley as they would have liked.

They felt that, instead of accommodating their wishes, Maci had "limited some" of their visitation.

Taylor disagreed with their characterization of his wife’s boundaries, however.

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“Since I’ve been around, I know this woman has bent over backwards," Taylor asserted at the time.

He praised Maci for her efforts "to make sure that Bentley kept a relationship with them."

Taylor argued that Maci kept this up "through everything that Ryan has put us through."

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Taylor clashed with Larry over that.

Maci, Ryan, and Mackenzie Standifer have also had more than their share of … issues, both on screen and on social media.

And then, this past March, Ryan et all got the boot from the longrunning reality series … apparently in accordance with Maci’s wishes.

Ryan Edwards Talks About Bentley

Of course, Mackenzie has insisted that being fired from the reality TV gig was no big deal.

Yes, MTV money can be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re married to a disastrous loser like Ryan.

But Mackenzie seems invested in becoming some sort of fitness influencer and has been acting like she has no interest in returning to the franchise.

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Of course, Mackenzie also expressed the view that Teen Mom OG had not portrayed her, Ryan, or his parents accurately.

As such, getting away from the show was supposedly a relief … despite the money … to escape from all of the lies.

It doesn’t look like she or Maci are rushing to mend fences, either.

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“I didn’t respond," Maci said in a previous interview.

She explained "because No. 1, I feel like if I’m going to put in the effort and the work to mend my relationships with them."

Maci continued: "She would not be where I start."

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“I’m truly not being ugly," Maci then swore.

"It’s just that she would be last on the priority list," she added.

Maci clarified that Mackenzie would only be last "as far as you know, Jen, Larry, and Ryan go.”