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Janelle Brown has a brand new house.

She’s about to star in a brand new season of Sister Wives.

And now, as you can see via the images below, she looks like a brand new person.

Janelle Brown Weight Loss Photos

"Change comes first with the decision to try. Trying comes with the decision to continue. Continuing comes with the decision to be committed," wrote the TLC personality as a caption to this pair of side-by-side photos.

"I wanted & needed something but I didn’t know what. I thought THAT (my before) was how it was supposed to be.

"Until, Maddie decided to make a change, decision to try, decision to continue, then a decision to share.

"Her sharing with me has forever changed the way I feel."

Janelle is referring here to her daughter.

She went on to explain that the "before" picture was taken in February 2021, while the "after" one was only just snapped a few days ago.

Continued Janelle:

"I didn’t start this for a month hoping for it to change everything. I started this because I was willing to put in the time for change to happen."

Change has been a theme for Brown of late.

In July, she moved to a trailer on her family’s Coyote Pass property.

“Lots to do out here on the land so I figured why not be onsite," the 52-year old wrote of the decision, adding:

"I’m alternating between extreme excitement as I’ve always wanted to try this and anxiety at all the unknown variables. So stay tuned, this is about to get real!"

Brown, Janelle

Back to her weight loss journey, though…

"You see, health isn’t something we tackle for just a month and move on. Health is something we constantly nurture.

"Without our health we have nothing.

"My decision to try, continue and commit is why I have seen the results that I have."

Janelle Brown with a Selfie

Janelle got more specific about how she’s doing and how this change has affected her life — for the much better:

"My sugar cravings are gone. Energy is through the roof, skin is more clear, mental clarity, weight loss, less inflammation, better sleep at night and SO much more.

"I am a whole new me!

"I feel amazing and this is just the beginning.

Janelle Brown Poster

We just learned on Tuesday that Sister Wives will be returning in November.

Based on the official synopsis, it sounds like tension will hit new heights between Kody and his spouses, too.

"They are splitting apart at the seams over the upcoming holidays" as both Janelle and Christine’s families "refuse to follow Kody’s COVID rules," TLC teases, concluding ominously as follows:

"Is the family not getting back together, even for the holidays? With tensions boiling over, more than one wife is questioning the future."

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown

And this is how Janelle concluded her latest inspirational message:

You have to decide, just like I did. You’re worth it. You’re deserving. You’re ready for change. You’re committed.

When it’s your time, message me.

It’s either ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – we ALL have that decision.