Jill Duggar Rocks SHORT Miniskirt at Waterpark: I Can Finally Wear What I Want!

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Lately, when you read a headline about the Duggar family, it usually has to do with Josh Duggar's arrest on child pornography charges.

That makes sense, of course, as this scandal is the most nauseating in the history of reality television, and the Duggars have once again been catapulted into mainstream news headlines for all the wrong reasons.

But in a family that large there are always lots of different things going on.

And some of the people who were smart enough to distance themselves Josh and his problematic parents are finally able to enjoy life on their terms!

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard on Social Media

One such person, of course, is Jill Duggar, who cut ties with her parents back in 2019 and never looked back.

These days, Jill is reaping the benefits of her decision in a big way.

While most of her siblings continue to chafe under the restraints imposed upon them by Jim Bob, Jill is finally a free woman who's making up for lost time.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Celebrate

Jill can drink alcohol, hang out with blacklisted members of the family like her cousin Amy, and perhaps most importantly -- she can wear whatever she wants!

Yes, if you've been following the family for a while, then you're probably aware of the Duggar dress code.

This is the set of rules by which women in the family are forced to dress in "modest attire," so as not to inspire sinful thoughts in the minds of the menfolk.

Jill Duggar Wears Bathing Suit

Jill waved goodbye to that misogynistic nonsense when she cut ties with her family, and these days she's free to actually dress for the weather.

She took full advantage of this newfound liberty during a recent trip to a local waterpark.

And to the delight of her fans, Jill shared several pics of her latest family outing.

Jill Duggar at a Waterpark

Jill's outfit might not seem very revealing -- and it's not -- but there was a time when it would have been unthinkable for a Duggar woman to show any portion of her leg above her ankle.

Naturally, Jill's followers were overjoyed to see their fav making the most of her independence from Jim Bob.

"I think it's so awesome that you know you can wear shorts have your nose pierced and still be welcomed to your Gods kingdom..." one person commented.

Jill and Derick Poolside

"I love the way you got married and started doing your own thing with your hubby. Also, you look great in your bathing suit showing legs as it should be," another observed.

"I admire you. I’m not modest in my dress code, but you inspire me. Always be you," a third chimed in.

Jill doesn't comment much on her family's infamous dress code, or her decision to leave it behind her -- but clearly, her pics are doing the talking for her.

Jill Duggar Is Wearing a Swimsuit

It remains to be seen how Josh's trial will play out, and what sort of impact it will have on the Duggars' future.

But fans of Jill's can certainly rest easy.

Because it looks as though the mother of two will be just fine no matter what transpires!

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