Kailyn Lowry: I'm Not Filming Teen Mom 2 Anymore!

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It feels like there's been a lot of good Teen Mom news lately, right?

Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it just plain bizarre.

Kailyn Lowry Stares and Stares

Let's see ... Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra just welcomed a healthy baby girl, that's exciting, right?

Farrah Abraham has been going on about how she's suing Harvard because a professor told her that she may want to consider taking lower level courses until she had a better grasp on the English language, that's been a fun little story.

There seem to be new abuse allegations against Amber Portwood -- allegations made by Andrew Glennon on a quickly deleted Instagram story, so there will probably be a court update from them soon.

There's been so much going on it's been a little tough to keep up with, honestly.

Kailyn Lowry on the Internet

And it looks like Kailyn Lowry may be making it pretty difficult to keep up with her specifically ...

Because judging by a new statement she made on social media, she may have quit the show altogether.

To get the full grasp of this Kailyn situation, you have to remember another big Teen Mom story from earlier this month -- the one where we learned that Chris Lopez, Kail's ex and the father of her two youngest children, has finally agreed to be on the show.

It was pretty big news because he'd refused to film anything for years, which made telling Kailyn's full story pretty difficult.

Chris Lopez in 2020

Thanks to social media we know that their relationship has been an absolute disaster ever since it started a few years ago, and we've missed out on some great footage because of Chris turning down any offers MTV made him.

For whatever reason, he's changed his mind now, and Kail was not nearly excited as the rest of us that he'd be joining the cast.

As she revealed on Instagram, "I don't give one single f-ck what Chris does," but "I care about how it was handled/how I found out and the lack of respect people have for me after 12 years of doing this show."

And now in another Instagram post, we know that she's so upset that she's not even filming right now.

Kail on filming

When someone asked her during a Q&A if she's filming new episodes, she plainly stated "I am not."

The other moms, meanwhile, have been back at work recently, getting footage for the new season, so it's not like she's just being dramatic about things.

It really does sound like she's refusing to film.

Another interesting thing is that earlier today, she shared this:

Kail's plan screenshot

It's a little quote that reads "You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens."

It's super vague so obviously we don't know what she's referring to here, but it definitely makes sense that this could be about her quitting the show, right?

Either that or giving Javi Marroquin another shot, but that's another conversation for another day.

This is hardly the first time Kailyn has been uncooperative with filming -- remember how last year she was arrested for allegedly assaulting Chris and it just didn't show up on the show at all?

Lopez-Lowry Fight

She's refused to film plenty of things that would have made for great TV, so it's not hard to imagine that she's refusing to film now in protest of Chris' new contract.

You'd think she'd try a little harder to keep this job, considering it pays so extremely well and she's developed a habit of buying houses and taking vacations several times a year.

But she's no stranger to making bad choices, so maybe this really is it for her.

Do you think she'll quit the show?

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