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For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Kailyn Lowry is back together with Javi Marroquin.

It’s not uncommon for bogus reports of that nature to make their way across the social media landscape, but in this case, there was actually quite a lot to support the theory.

First, Javi tried to have sex with Kailyn in a gas station parking lot.

She spilled the tea on an episode of Teen Mom OG, and Marroquin’s life was essentially turned upside down.

Kailyn & Javi In 2021

Shortly thereafter, Lauren Comeau dumped Javi, and unlike the last time she caught him cheating, it seems that this time the separation will be permanent.

In the months that followed, signs that Kail and Javi had reunited were everywhere.

First Lowry bought Marroquin a car, which is not the type of favor one usually performs for an ex-husband.

Then, she Kailyn accidentally revealed that she’d been spending a lot of time in Javi’s car. In the passn=enger seat. Riding to undisclosed locations.

And as rumors began to circulate, Kail and Javi conspicuously remained silent on the subject.

This, of course, led fans to the conclusion that the former couple’s silence spoke volumes, and that they were dodging questions because they had something to hide.

Now, however, Kail is finally speaking out on the matter — well, sort of.

A rep for Lowry has issued a statement indicating that Javi and Kail are not back together, and the only reason that they’ve been spending so much time together is that football season is fast approaching. Seriously.

You see, Kail and Javi’s son will be taking the field for the first time this year, and the reps claim his parents have been attending every practice together.

Javi Marroquin with Linc

“Kail and Javi are NOT back together, but they are very dedicated to a positive and healthy coparenting relationship for their son, Lincoln," the rep claimed in a statement issued earlier this week.

"They are both heavily involved in his football activities, and this has resulted in them spending more time together,”

So there you have it?

Kail Ponders

Wer’re guessing the people who are convinced these two are back together will not be unconvinced by this rep’s statement, but we respect the effort.

At this point, the best Kail can hope for is that TM2 fans will get distracted by some of her other baby daddy drama (there’s always plenty of it to go around).

And this week brought some major developments from Chris Lopez, who’s always a reliable source of conflict.

As we reported earlier this week, Chris Lopez has signed a contract to join the cast of Teen Mom 2, and it seems that Kail is very unhappy about it.

"When Kail found out Chris is now receiving money for appearing on the show, she was very upset and texted [one of the higher-up producers] and said it was disrespectful of them to have given Chris a contract and not even have given her the heads-up, especially after all these years," one insider claimed.

“Kail was not happy that Chris is going to be cashing in on an opportunity created by her." 

Chris Lopez in 2020

Chris stands to make $2,000 for each appearance, and you’d think Kail would be happy about the additional income, as it seems that Chris is way behind on his child support.’

But it makes sense that she’s not thrilled with the idea of her ex riding her coattails.

Frankly, we think she should be looking on the bright side of this situation:

It looks more and more like Kail and her exes generate enough drama to support their own spin-off!