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While she might not be one of the "OGs" of the franchise, Kailyn Lowry has been a star in the Teen Mom universe for her entire adult life.

And her involvement with Teen Mom 2 has certainly made her life richer — albeit a bit more complicated.

Kailyn is ambitious, for sure, but it’s unlikely that she would have been as financially successful as she is were it not for years of MTV stardom.

But despite all that the show and it’s producers have done for her, Kailyn has a tendency to bite the hand that feeds her,

Kailyn Lowry on the Internet

This week, she’s once again lashing out at the show’s producers, and her latest complaint is truly baffling.

It was recently revealed that Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, will be appearing on Teen Mom 2, presumably beginning next season.

And for some reason, it seems that Kail is deeply upset about this development.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

"Are you upset Chris signed to be on Teen Mom or are you unbothered?" a fan asked during a recent Instagram Q&A.

"I don’t give one single f–k what Chris does," she replied, sounding very much as though she gives several f–ks what Chris does.

From there Kail admitted that her real beef is with her bosses, as she feels that they should have informed her before they offered a deal to Chris.

Kail on the Side

"I care about how it was handled/how I found out and the lack of respect people have for me after 12 years of doing this show," she said.

Hmmm … it seems that Kail might be a little confused about the nature of the employee/employer relationship.

Ideally, both sides benefit, but it seems obvious that Lowry owes far more to Teen Mom producers and MTV execs than they owe to her.

Chris Lopez and Kids

Teen Mom 2 ratings have been plummeting in recent years, and while we’re sure part of the problem is that the show has been on approximatelt forever, many viewers say the entitled attitude of the stars is also a major turn-off.

Insiders say the producers of the show were recently chewed out by MTV execs for giving the stars of the show too much control, which has led to a situation in which the real-world developments that the ladies are uncomfortable talking about.

One recent example is Lowry’s arrest on domestic violence charges, which was never mentioned on the show at all.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, this arrangement makes for boring an uneventful television.

So it makes sense that the producers would not have consulted Kail before making a deal with Chris.

On top of that, Kail has complained in the past that Lopez is a deadbeat dad who makes no financial contribution to the raising of his children.

Kailyn with Chris
Photo via Instagram

So you would think that Kailyn would be happy that he finally has a little money coming in (about $2,000 per episode, according to reports).

But for whatever reason, she’s fuming, and fans suspect that she’ll soon threaten to quit the show, as she’s done several times in the past when she hasn’t gotten her way.

We’re not so sure about that — with the show stuck in a downward spiral, if Lowry threatened to quit, there’s a good chance that producers would call her bluff and let her go.