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For the past couple of years, Teen Mom 2 ratings have steadily been going down.

But with the most recent season, that changed.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

Not in a good way or anything, it’s just that the decline isn’t so steady anymore — the show is losing thousands and thousands of viewers constantly.

Back in the glory days when Jenelle was chasing Kieffer in her flip flops and Chelsea was pitifully pining over Adam, they regularly got two to three million viewers to tune into the madness.

Then a couple of years ago, during Jenelle’s last season, ratings started to dip down below a million, but they still managed to get around 900,000 viewers consistently.

After she was fired and Jade Cline replaced her, there was another dip, and things just sort of started to free fall from there — this season’s finale and its two reunion episodes pulled in less than 500,000 viewers.

Kail Lowry Is Sad

The popular theory, and the one that makes the most sense, is that while tons of people are still very interested in the cast members, they don’t watch the show because everything interesting happens on social media now.

Why take the time to watch a show when you can watch everything happen in real time, and when the show edits all the good stuff out anyway?

A good example of this is Kailyn’s arrest last fall — she allegedly assaulted Chris Lopez because he cut their older son’s hair without her permission.

Photo via MTV

That would have made wonderful TV and a lot of people probably would have tuned in for that, but Kail refused to let any of it be on the show.

So what’s the point in watching if all you’re getting is the nice boring parts the moms want to show us?

Thankfully, it looks like there’s a plan to shake things up for the next (and potentially last) season.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Chris has signed a contract and will be appearing on the show!

Chris Lopez in 2020

This is notable, of course, because he’s never been interested in filming before.

He made a very brief appearance back when Kail was pregnant with Lux, but his face was blurred out, and he’s always kept his distance when the cameras were around.

There was a memorable scene this season that he showed his face — he hopped in Kailyn’s car and had some choice words for the cameras on her dashboard.

But come next season, it’s happening for real.

Photo via MTV

And Kail does not sound too pleased with the big news.

As a source told The Ashley, "When Kail found out Chris is now receiving money for appearing on the show, she was very upset and texted [one of the higher up producers] and said it was disrespectful of them to have given Chris a contract and not even have given her the heads-up, especially after all these years."

"Kail was not happy that Chris is going to be cashing in on an opportunity created by her."

Kail on the Side

The site speculates that he’ll be making around $2,000 for every episode he’s in, whether it’s actual footage of him or just a recording.

That last part is pretty relevant because this means that they could use audio from that time that Briana appeared on Chris’ podcast, and since Briana has said in legal documents from Kail’s defamation lawsuit against her that Chris was the one who gave her information about that alleged assault …

Well, it could open the door for all of that to finally be discussed on the show.

Will you be tuning in next season?