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A lifetime of being enabled by your family, church, and cult cannot protect you forever.

Last week, Josh Duggar was hauled off to jail on charges of possession of child porn.

At his bond hearing, grim facts of the case were revealed for the first time.

Warning: The details of this case are deeply upsetting and involve the ruined lives of extremely young girls.

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The Sun got their hands on court documents from the hearing on Wednesday, May 5.

Much of the case involved Josh’s attorney fighting for Josh to be released.

It was argued that Josh has “no criminal convictions” and has “known about the federal criminal investigation since November 2019.”

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But on the other side of things was Special Agent Gerald Faulkner from the Department of Homeland Security.

Faulkner was the first to take the stand at the hearing as he was questioned by the prosecutor.

“In May of 2019," he noted, "[an Arkansas police officer] identified a computer participating in the known sharing of photos and videos of child pornography.”

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For the upsetting specifics, Faulkner revealed that the investigation found a two-minute video on Josh’s computer.

In that video were two underage girls and an adult male, who was performing sex acts upon the children.

In addition to the videos, the electronics search found 65 images of an underage girl that qualified as child pornography.

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The age range was reportedly of minor girls between the ages of 5 and 10.

“October 2019, the IP address was assigned to Joshua Duggar with an address in Springdale, Arkansas," Faulkner recalled.

An HP desktop computer from the car lot, a MacBook laptop in an RV, and Josh’s cell phone were confiscated by authorities during a search.

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According to court documents, Josh was not told the reason for the investigation.

But curiously, he allegedly asked authorities if "someone" had downloaded child pornography on his computer.

He then acknowledged to investigators that he had a TOR browser on his computer — allowing somewhat anonymous internet access.

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When Josh was asked about images of minors between the ages of 5 and 10 years, Josh reportedly replied: "I’d rather not answer that question."

Apparently his password for a program used to obtain the images was the last four digits of his date of birth.

(Cartoonishly, he reportedly uses the same password for his bank accounts, various websites, and more)

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Josh reportedly used one of these programs to view porn featuring rape and child porn.

In court, the agent went into detail about how downloads were made from a specific file.

The file was described by the agent as one of "the top five worst I have ever had to examine."

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The reason is that the file, if not what Josh specifically accessed, includes child victims as young as 18 months of age.

Additionally, the agent shared in court that Josh’s friends and family confirmed that he had a "porn addiction."

This is, plainly said, disgusting. Downloading material of children’s lives being ruined encourages the making of more of that material. It’s evil.

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The attorney nonetheless argued that Josh should be released on bail pending trial.

Josh, his wife, and their six children have “continued to reside in the Western District of Arkansas” following the search.

Additionally, Josh has “maintained an open dialogue with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in connection with this investigation.”

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It was also claimed that since Josh “voluntarily self-surrendered” he is “neither a risk of flight nor a danger to the community.”

Josh’s attorney also confirmed with the witness that the images were traced to an IP address, not a specific device.

Worse, it appears that Josh’s attorney argued that he was not a danger to children.

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“Indeed, while child pornography crimes are unquestionably serious," his lawyer argued.

"The indictment certainly does not allege that Duggar personally interacted with a single child," Josh’s attorney noted.

"And the Government would be hard-pressed to identify how conditions of release set by this Court would not protect the community from criminal conduct," he added.

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“Duggar has a widely-recognizable face and has spent the majority of his life in the public spotlight," his attorney noted.

He claimed that this makes "any concern that he is a risk of flight all the more unwarranted."

He added: “As he has demonstrated for the 17 months during which he has been aware of this investigation, there is no danger of Duggar fleeing.”

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“Duggar is requesting that this Court permit him to return home to his immediate family during the pendency of this case," his attorney asked.

His attorney then noted: "The residents of his home are his wife (who is pregnant) and their six children."

At the hearing, the judge said that if Josh is released, there would be hefty conditions imposed.

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The judge said "the court would likely require a third party custodian" to be a live-in monitor of Josh.

The goal would be for the bond conditions to be upheld — beyond merely ensuring that he does not flee the area.

"It would need to be a residence where there are no minors in the home," the judge emphasized.

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As of the writing of this article (on Wednesday afternoon), it is not yet clear if Josh will be granted bond.

What is clear is that his full request will not be granted.

He wanted to go home to his wife and kids. The judge has wisely shut that part, at least down.

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Josh has admitted to direct inappropriate contact with minors before. It’s not like his history makes him a "safe" person.

Though downloading this egregious material is only involving himself in predation after-the-fact, the court must weight the risks.

If Josh looks at the idea of spending decades behind bars and chooses to do something drastic before that … the court wants to take precautions.