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If you follow Jenelle Evans on Instagram or TikTok, then you’re probably aware of these two crucial facts about her life:

She has a ton of health problems, and she guzzles White Claw by the gallon.

Are these two things related?

We might never know, as it seems like Jenelle has no intention of taking any time off the sauce in order to find out if living the dry life might help to alleviate her symptoms.

Jenelle Is Drinking

Jenelle’s alleged alcoholism has been a frequent topic of discussion on Reddit and in the comments sections on her social media pages.

But the criticism has become more intense in recent weeks as Jenelle’s numerous health issues have become her second most common complaint.

("The haters," of course, will always be her number one.)

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

Recently, Evans claimed that she has 1-2 drinks a week, but that’s clearly not the case.

And with all the time that she’s spent in doctors’ offices lately, you would think she would pause to consider the likelihood that her hard seltzer habit is contributing to her esophageal spasms, her chronic headaches, and the many other issues she’s complained about in recent months.

But while Jenelle might choose to ignore the possibility of a link between her heavy drinking and her deteriorating health, her followers are happy to explore that connection.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

"Aggravating all those health problems by drinking daily… okay," one commenter wrote on a recent video of Jenelle knocking back some Claws.

"Don’t drink alcohol. No wonder you aren’t getting better," another advised.

"It seems like you drink every. single. Day!!! It can’t be good for your health problems," a third observed.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

"Right?! All her debilitating pain suddenly disappears when it’s time to drink or dance/twerk on TikTok," a fourth chimed in.

Apparently, Jenelle prefers not to address the topic of her drinking and the effect it may be having on her health.

Instead, she builds straw man arguments aimed at the commenters who have accused her of lying about her health problems.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

While such comments certainly exist, it’s telling that Evans prefers to focus on them, as opposed to addressing the much more important claim that her drinking appears to be damaging her health. 

"Comments like these are irritating. Here we go again with some receipts," Evans said in a recent video.

"If you have something in your body that shouldn’t be in there, you know it’s going to glow in an MRI," she added.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

"Just because you can’t see me in pain doesn’t mean I’m not in pain."

Despite her long history of lying, we don’t doubt the sincerity of Evans’ claims about her health.

But we do believe that she’s uninterested in hearing any comments that might link her various illnesses to her lifestyle choices.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

Since she’s been in the spotlight for so long, it’s easy you forget that she’s not yet 30.

And needless to say, she’s got quite a laundry list of physical ailments for someone so young.

While she obviously harbors a great deal of contempt for those who suggest that she might want to consider the connection between her choices and her symptoms, we hope she’ll at least consider following their advice.