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Jenelle Evans spends a lot of time on social media these days.

There are at least two reasons for this:

1. She’s been unemployed for several years, and Instagram is a cheap and easy way to take the edge off her boredom.

2. As she loves to remind her followers, Jenelle makes money from TikTok.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

We’re actually okay with that, because it’s probably a pretty paltry sum, and the idea of Jenelle dancing for strangers to put food on the table is sort of funny.

Anyway, Jenelle occasionally shows fans more of her life than she intends to, and when this happens, she usually goes into her angry, defensive mode.

The whole thing is ridiculous, of course, because no one is asking her to share anything at all, and when she lets the mask slip and accidentally reveals how she really lives, her first move is to lash out at her followers as though it’s their fault.

Jenelle Evans Video Still
Photo via Facebook

It’s absurd and childish, but then again, so is just about everything in Jenelle’s life.

And how is it that Evans could be so careless with her online presence, even though it’s her sole means of support?

Well, it probably doesn’t help that she’s f–ked up so much of the time.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

Fans frequently speculate that Jenelle is an alcoholic, and her posts indicate that at the very least, she drinks frequently and starts quite early in the day.

Evans says she has tried to quit drinking in the past, but it seems that these days, she’s given up the effort entirely.

The topic of her booze consumption came up on a Teen Mom 2 subreddit this week, as a result of a video Jenelle posted in which she can be seen drinking beer in the morning.

"If I was unemployed I’d probably be having Coronas at 11am too," one commenter wrote.

"That is so cringe for her," a second chimed in.

"I wonder how many she drinks in a day… So many questions. Does she black out by 11pm?"

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

A third noted that Evans has been "sipping Corona like water" in recent posts, and suggested that the mother of three is "addicted to not being sober."

Evans hasn’t responded to these latest comments, but she has spoken about her drinking in the past.

Steangely, she says she was an alcoholic at one point, but that she’s been cured without having to stopping drinking.

Jenelle and David Are Day-Drinking

"Y’all, if you even knew. When I was younger I drank so much liquor. You can call me an alcoholic when I was younger," Jenelle said in April of this year.

"One time when I was on the beach and I went to the beach with my mom, it was the first time or second time I got drunk and I think I was 14 or 15 years old," she added.

"And all my friends were on the beach that I saw by the pier and we went over there and they took out their big ass soda bottle full of Everclear."

Jenelle's Weed Mug

Jenelle says she proceeded to guzzle the high-proof vodka, causing her to get so drunk she couldn’t walk.

"I drank it and it was so cold that it didn’t really burn that much at the time and then I was super trashed. I had to walk back to my mom’s beach towel and I knew she was there," Evans said.

"And needless to say I could hardly walk because it was sandy and it’s hard to walk in the sand when you’re drunk."

Jenelle Evans Tik Tok Image
Photo via TikTok

So Evans says she used to be an alcoholic, and these days, she still drinks in the morning and gets to drunk that it creates problems in her life.

There’s a word for that, Jenelle!

It starts with "a" and ends with "-lcoholic!"