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We’re no fans of Jenelle Evans here at The Hollywood Gossip, but we have to give credit where it’s due:

Just when you think Ms. Evans has made the dumbest, most ignorant comment anyone could possibly imagine, she finds a way to top herself with something even more idiotic.

That’s sort of a talent, when you think about it.

And Jenelle’s latest foolishness is even more impressive because she said something moronic about a subject that she should understand better than just about any topic on the planet.

Jenelle and David Are Day-Drinking

We’re talking, of course, about drugs.

Evans has spent her adult life replacing one addiction with another and refusing to take accountability.

For Jenelle, getting sober would mean accepting responsibility for her many monstrous actions, and it’s a safe bet that she’ll stay f–ked up as long as her body can take it, if that means delaying that epic hangover a little longer. 

Jenelle Is Injured
Photo via Instagram

The latest insanity from The Land started when Jenelle posted a video of herself drunkenly stumbling around Chattanooga — and yes, this was the same trip where she got fired from the Girl Sh-t podcast.

(The video has been Jenelle’s pinned tweet for a week, and despite her 1.2 million followers, it’s amassed a couple hundred likes … in case you wondered about her popularity level these days.)

One person replied to the clip with a single, highly-appropriate word: "Drugs."

Jenelle — probably thinking that she was doling out some sort of epic own — replied with "Alcohol."

From there, several people pointed out to Jenelle that alcohol is, objectively, a drug.

And that’s where she really went off the rails.

"No it’s not… have you ever heard of drugs AND alcohol?" inadvertently demonstrating the toll that a solid decade of substance abuse can take on the human brain.

"When MTV sent me to rehab twice they kept correcting me and telling it Is not a drug," Jenelle continued, describing an incident that 100 percent did not happen.

"I trust my addiction counseling degree more than I trust MTV, but you know them better than me," one person replied.

"Ok whatever you say don’t get mad at me for what I learned from doctors," Evans shot back,

When one user pointed out that it’s highly, highly unlikely there’s a doctor out there telling his addicted patients that alcohol isn’t a drug, Jenelle really got mad (which is her response to pretty much every situation):

"Lmfao ok guess I never went to rehab either," she tweeted.

Photo via Instagram

"I don’t give a f–k LOL you guys do!"

Good rule of thumb for social media arguments:

The more someone LOLs and pretends the they "don’t give a f–k," the more likely it is that they’re crying behind their keyboard.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

"Do you ever take responsibility for anything? Teachable moment here. A regular adult would say ‘i thought this but I was wrong. Thank you for sharing the correct information,’" a different follower pointed out.

“I’m sorry everyone what doctors taught me before was wrong," Jenelle replied.

"The doctors are uneducated and I take all accountability for their wrongful communication that was false.” you see how dumb I look calling doctors stupid?! Stfu!"

Jenelle's Weed Mug

"But Alcohol is a drug, it’s not a bad thing to admit the information is false. Like it looks silly when ur saying something that’s wrong. Just say oh so it is a drug. It’s not that big of a deal," a follower gently replied, prompting more furious nonsense from Jenelle.

The problem with debating someone like Jenelle is that there’s no shared baseline of knowledge that can be used as a jumping off point.

It’s like arguing with a toddler over whether or not cookies and ice cream make for a nutritious dinner.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, the major difference is that a toddler who’s being denied sugar will probably react with more maturity than Jenelle will show if you try to take her booze and pills away.

As with so many other aspects of Jenelle’s life, this situation might be funny, were it not for the fact that’s so incredibly sad.