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Earlier this year, Teen Mom fans grew concerned upon hearing that Amber Baltierra had relapsed.

Tyler Baltierra’s sister seems to be repeating past struggled, despite recently regaining custody of he rkids.

In a new photo, she has resurfaced … and her appearance is raising alarm bells across social media.

Amber’s face displays what appear to be a number of injuries … and fans are worried sick.

Amber Baltierra
Photo via Twitter

Photos of Amber Baltierra are few and far between — at least, the photos made public are.

Following Amber’s alcohol addiction relapse in the first half of this year, fans wondered when they’d see or hear from her again.

Unfortunately, this frightening image is the last thing that anyone had hoped to see of Tyler’s sister.

The 34-year-old appears to be covered in bruises and cuts in the picture, which was shared on Reddit.

We cannot see her arms and legs, let alone her torso, in this image, to assess whether she has similar injuries there.

But the facial injuries are more than enough cause for alarm all by themselves, especially since they remain unexplained to the public.

Tyler Baltierra as an OG

Sometimes, a single accident, like a fall from a bicycle or down a set of stairs, can result in multiple injuries.

Since Amber does not appear to have just one single wound, fans on social media hope that she was in one single accident that caused all of the marks.

The alternative explanation would mean that she has sustained multiple separate injuries, which has even more troubling implications.

Tyler Baltierra and Amber Baltierra
Photo via Twitter

Tyler and Amber both grew up as the children of an addict.

Tyler has been open, on and off of Teen Mom OG, about his older sister’s struggles.

Right now, he and Catelynn are expecting their fourth daughter together — literally, any day now.

Tyler Baltierra Is Upset
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this year, Teen Mom OG aired the moment when Tyler was informed about Amber’s relapse.

His mother, Kim, told him and Catelynn that Amber was drinking again.

Understandably, the 29-year-old father did not take it well, exclaiming "Oh, f–k."

Butch and Tyler
Photo via Instagram

Tyler has said that his sister likes to do what he calls "indulge in happiness."

However, his mother is concerned that Amber is right on the path once trod by Butch, whose addiction issues are a familiar topic to fans and viewers.

Tyler’s concern was about how Amber’s children may feel during her struggles.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Cry
Photo via MTV

After all, Tyler lived that in his own childhood, and has not forgotten his own addict father’s absence.

"As a kid, you feel like what’s wrong with me? I’m just irritated with it. Why are you not putting me first?" Tyler reflected.

"Why are you not here enough?" he recalled wondering. "Why don’t you want to be with me and hang out with me every weekend, and go get high? It doesn’t make sense."

Butch Is Back!
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, Tyler has managed to build a happy life with Catelynn.

While we can’t say that the step-sibling-to-spouse pipeline is always a recipe for joy, it seems to work for Tyler, Catelynn, and their daughters.

They are parents to 6-year-old Novalee, 2-year-old Vaeda, and of course first welcomed 12-year-old Carly, whom they wisely placed for adoption as an infant.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, Tyler and Catelynn have had their ups and downs.

As is often the case, the same path that leads someone to become a parent in high school also leaves mental health scars.

These two have come a long way as parents and as people.

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Unfortunately, despite having made progress in the past, Amber has had significant struggles as an adult.

In 2019, Tyler’s now-34-year-old sister was arrested and charged with assault.

A year earlier, she went to rehab, years after a 2013 drug paraphernalia arrest that led to her spending 20 days behind bars.

Catelynn and Tyler on Their Anniversary
Photo via Instagram

Amber is a mother of two children, and posted about them at the time.

“Mommy loves you two more than you guys may know right now… You both deserve nothing but the best and I will give that to you," she wrote.

"I’m gonna miss you these 90 days," Amber expressed at the time. "Just know I love you both with every fiber in me.”

Tyler with Nova and Vaeda
Photo via Courtesy Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

In June of 2018, custody of Lexis and Jordan was awarded to Amber’s ex, Matthew Bell.

Amber’s family was awarded "some parenting time" by the Michigan family court, including visits to Amber in Texas.

This news came just weeks after Amber’s rehab checkin that year.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Set

However, late last month, the court found that Amber and Matt must now share temporary joint legal and physical custody of Lexix and Jordan.

The parents are now alternating weekends in what sounds like a complicated arrangement.

Obviously, the safety of Lexis and Jordan always comes first. Without knowing how Amber sustained her injuries, it is unclear if anything will change for her custody arrangement.