Tyler Baltierra: My Sister Relapsed! She's Drinking Herself to Death!

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Despite a difficult upbringing, Tyler Baltierra has remained close with his family.

And that hasn't always been an easy thing to do.

Tyler's father, Butch Baltierra, has struggled with addiction, and the ailment has landed him in prison and caused him numerous health problems.

Butch was arrested in Michigan last year, and based on recent reports from Catelynn Lowell, his family fears that he's on a downward trajectory.

Tyler Baltierra with Butch

And sadly, it seems as though Tyler's sister Amber might be following her father on the road to rock bottom.

Amber has battled alcoholism in the past, and on this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler and Catelynn learned that she's back on the bottle.

The episode featured a scene in which Tyler's mother, Kim, stopped by and offered an update on his sister.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Cry

Tyler and Catelyn, it seems, hadn't heard from Amber in quite some time, and clearly, Kim's update came as a heartbreaking disappointment.

"We haven't heard from his sister Amber in a while, who lives in Texas," Catelynn said in a voiceover.

"She's pretty distraught over her daughter not talking to her," Kim said, adding that Amber's daughter has cut ties due to the fact that Amber has suffered a relapse.

Tyler Baltierra and Fancy Jacket

"She's drinking again?" Catelynn asked.

"Drinking what?" Tyler rather bafflingly inquired. 

"Beer. That's all that she's told me she's drinking, but I know she's drinking liquor, too," Kim clarified.

Amber Baltierra

"As a mom, I feel like she should come back," she added.

"I feel like she should indulge in happiness while she's there," Tyler chimed in, again seeming to miss the point.

"I think she should be indulging in getting sober, getting straight, and getting her kids back," Kim countered.

Tyler Baltierra Is Upset

Tyler later amended his previous comment and concurred that given Amber's long history of substance abuse issues, she should probably be more focused on her health than on her short-term happiness.

The moment that Kim compared Amber's situation to Butch's, Tyler seemed to instantly recognize the severity of her plight.

"As a kid you'd feel like, 'What's wrong with me?'" Tyler said, recalling painful incidents from his past.

Ty Baltierra

"I'm just irritated with it," he added, seemingly referring to Amber.

Later, discussing the matter with Catelynn in the couple's backyard, Tyler expressed his utter confusion over his sister's actions.

"I just don't get it," he said at one point.

Tyler Baltierra: A Selfie

"How can you not want to be enough for your kid?"

At the end of the night, Tyler expressed to Catelynn that he hoped to come to terms with his family's troubles so that he can be an "emotionally healed" father for his own kids.

These days, Catelynn is pregnant with her fourth child, and it seems that Tyler is hoping to make some psychological progress before welcoming another kid.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, 2018 Selfie

Obviously, it's possible to break the cycle of drug abuse of neglect that plagues so many families -- but it's certainly not easy.

We wish both Tyler and Amber success in their efforts to improve, both for their own benefit, and for the sake of their children.

We hope they're able to find whatever sort of help and support they need to aid in the process.

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