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Sad news from the world or reality TV this week, as multiple outlets have now confirmed the passing of Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman.

Wagaman gained fame for her tumultuous, post-prison relationship with Clint Brady.

As both parties ran into trouble with the law amid heavy drug use and violent outbursts, it became evident that the situation would not end well.

But no one expected that things would turn out quite so tragically:

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Tracie lost her life just two weeks after giving birth to her second child.

Wagaman dated Matt Baier of Teen Mom OG fame after breaking up with Brady, but contrary to some reports, Baier was not the father of Tracie’s child.

At the time of her death, Wagaman was in a relationship with a man named Luke Loeira, who spent much of her pregnancy in jail after pulling a machete on a casino security guard.

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Insiders say Tracy and Luke planned to put the child up for adoption.

Loeira was arrested a second time in mid-June.

Ten days later, Tracy’s divorce from Clint was finalized, and ten days after that, she welcomed Luke’s child.

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News of Wagaman’s death was announced by her manager, Lily Red:

“I just wanted to confirm — I have some sad news about Tracie,” Lily stated on Monday.

“Unfortunately, Tracie passed away on July 1. I’m a little shocked. I think everyone is. I’m not going to release more details at this time. I just hope that we are praying for her family," Red continued.

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"I don’t know what else to say…Keep her family in your prayers. Tracie was loved…Tracie brought a lot of people a lot of joy and she will be remembered.”

Red added that she spoke to Tracie “hours before she passed away.” 

“I know her family has been notified,” Lily added.

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“I just wanted you guys to hear it from somebody who genuinely cared about her.” 

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Tracie’s brother Mark Wagaman has started a GoFundMe to raise money to pay for Tracie’s funeral

“Our family is deeply saddened with our loss,” Mark wrote on the GFM page (which you can find here).

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“We know she had many friends and followers who were pulling for her. We greatly appreciate all the positive comments you have posted and sent."

Mark went on to remind potential donors that reality TV often does not tell the whole story, and there was a kind and generous side to Tracie that was not portrayed on LAL:

“She had a heart of gold. I had some medical issues a few years back and wasn’t able to work. She gave me $500 so I could catch up on bills,” Mark wrote.

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“If you had the chance to meet her I guarantee she would consider you a friend. She was such a people person," he added.

“If additional money is raised we will put a portion of it in a savings account for her son and if at all possible her daughter.

“We want to donate the remainder of the money to a domestic violence organization that will be named later.”

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Tracie’s mother, Joana Tosto Wagaman, also confirmed the sad news on social media, stating on Facebook that the family hoped to raise money in order to return Tracie’s body to her hometown of Midland, Texas.

“As many of you know, I lost my daughter,” she wrote.

“We are trying to raise some money to help with the expenses of bringing her home. Anything will be appreciated. Thank you.”

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Tracie’s struggles with substance abuse were well-documented in the final years of her life.

But the show that made her famous focused less on the domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other traumas that caused her to self-medicate with drugs.

If anything, Tracie’s addictions make the story of her short life more tragic, not less, and our thoughts go out to her family during this enormously difficult time.