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Only a few weeks into a brand new seasoon of The Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams issued a dire warning to the remaining men vying for Katie Thurston’s heart:

Their journey, as Adams put it, was about to change.


Because Katie Thurston made the controversial decision to keep Blake Moynes around to close last Monday night’s installment, after this suitor supposedly shocked the lead by showing up on set.

Katie Thurston Has a Rose

"I know all of you don’t want to f—ing see me here," Blake told the other guys. "I don’t like the tension already, I can kind of feel it. The only reason I’m here is because it’s Katie. That’s it."

To add to the anxiety, Greg brought in a date card stating that Blake, of course, received a one-on-one date with Thurston.

"This is obviously the best-case scenario for me," Moynes said in front of the group.

"Am I deserving? To you guys, probably not."

Photo via ABC

Deserving or not, Blake told Katie on their outing that he felt as if it was fate for him to have arriving in this position — and then, boom, the kissed. Hard.

"You’re a good kisser," Thurston said in response to the spit swap.

From there, the pair’s conversation grew far more profound after Moynes asked Thurston about her sex-positive attitude and Katie reiterated the awful story about the time she was assaulted.

"It was just this unhealthy cycle," Katie told Blake. "Eventually, the #MeToo movement happened and it started to give me some power back."

Thurston for The Bachelorette

Moynes responded in understanding fashion, telling his possible future wife:

"No one deserves to go through that.

"I have a new appreciation for who you are and I know how hard it is to talk about.

"And I hope you know that regardless of what you’ve kind of been through, I will always be very, very mindful of that topic."

Blake eventually earned a rose and got to first base with Katie again.

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Cut to the first group date…

Greg, Quartney, Aaron, Mike P., Michael A., Andrew M., Josh, Justin, Brendan, James, Connor, Tre and Hunter were joined by Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams and TV personality Franco Lacosta for a game of "The Bachelorette Bash Ball Battle."

Wells referred to it as "rugby meets basketball" and said the winning team would receive extra time with The Bachelorette.

After Michael A. got clocked, however, and medics were called to the scene… Katie ended the action. She declared everyone to be a winner.

Photo via ABC

The incident prompted Thurston to approach Michael at the subsequent party, though, and for Michael to open up to her about his late wife, whose birthday it had been just a day earlier.

Katie and Michael then smooched and she told the cameras she felt "so good" and "so hopeful" about her prospect for love.


Connor penned a song for Katie that brought her to tears and Mike P. and Katie shared their first kiss.

Hunter also labeled his relationship with Katie "very serious at this point," showed Katie pictures of the kids and they kissed.

Photo via ABC

For her final one-on-one of the episode, Thurston ventured into the woods at night with Andrew S.

They partook in challenges such as showing off their signature dance moves… imitating sounds from the wild… planning their perfect day … and sharing what they learned from their parents’ relationships.

"I learned to not settle," Katie said. "Marriage is meant to be forever."

For his part, Andrew talked candidly about his dad going to jail and the impact it made on his past, his present — and his hopes for the future.

"There’s not a chance in the world that I’m going to miss any moment, whether that’s a band concert, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter," he said.

"I’m going to be there for my kid because that’s all that matters to me."

Andrew, 26

If these two were to have kids themselves someday, those kids would be biracial.

"No one’s going to come between what beautiful children that you and I could make," Thurston assured this contestant.

"That has never crossed my mind and maybe that’s because I’m native as a white woman, you know, but — and maybe that’s just in the community that I live in — I’ve never had to think that way because to me, all I want in life is love.

"All I want is to have a beautiful family regardless of how they look."

Photo via ABC

Later on in the hot tub, Katie gave Andrew S. a rose.

"He is everything I’m looking for," she told the cameras. "With how things went tonight, I could see myself falling in love and walking with Andrew at the end of this."

Ahead of the cocktail party, Thurston told the fellas that "I do see my husband in this room."

Will it be Hunter, who had already nabbed a rose and yet still tried to grab time at this shindig with Katie?

Watch The Bachelorette Season 17 Episode 5 Online
Watch The Bachelorette Season 17 Episode 5 Online

No, according to these The Bachelorette spoilers.

After James got to hang with Thurston a bit and Hunter rejoined the group, the latter and Tre got into it over the fact that Hunter took additional time with Katie despite previously locking in another week in the house.

"I’m focused on Katie," Hunter replied in an on-camera interview. "I don’t give a s—.

At the rose ceremony, Katie gave roses Greg, Aaron, Michael A., Connor, James, Justin, Mike P., Brendan and Tre.

This meant Andrew M., Josh and Quartney were sent packing.